Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 92 - The Three Amigos...and Speak Out!!

Dowtown Bryan...

Well recap on the week!
   Monday, night was really hard I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite families and converts. I think the worst was when I was on the phone with Yessica and Carlos and when I heard Yessica get choked up, I lost it hahah, I've been with them from the beginning and to see the growth they've gone through has been amazing and then when Yessica got baptized it was the best day ever! I'm really going to miss them and their kids hah but they said they wanna take a trip to Mexico with me sometime so definitely not the last adventure with them ;)  Then I also said goodbye to Marvin and his family, I love them sooooo much hahah, they were like my second family here in Bear Creek! They were always so willing to get me anything if I needed it and were always just there for me. Saying goodbye is the part that sucks the most about transfers, you get so attached to these families and then you have to leave them. hah But because of it, I've really been able to hold that precious thing close and really enjoy the moments I have, because it could be the last one I have. 
  Tuesday, man it only gets crazier from here! I got told I was going back to College Station! Which is where I started my mission and then I heard who I was ganna be with...and that's what got me!!! hahah I'm with Elder Williams and Elder Self and this week we're killing it! First thing I think we did was took that one video which you should get with this email and then we just had a freaking blast! Then Wednesday night we had to stop by the store and we saw this game and it had these weird mouth things in it and well we got it and let's just say I've never laughed so hard on my mission it was great! Hahah 
   Thursday, was thanksgiving!! The night before me and Elder Williams couldn't go to sleep so we stayed up and told all the things we were thankful for. It just really made me think how thankful I am for my family and how important they are to me and #friendsarefam so I'm just really greatfull for everyone that's been in my life because I probably wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for all of you. So back to Thursday, that morning we played in a turkey bowl with the English wards and the English Elders, Elder Baker and Elder Sobotka. We played for a solid 2 or 3 hours...totally lost track of time :p Hahahah but it was a ton of fun! Then we ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Faz family...super bomb dinner so good! And then visited some of our investigators and ended that night off with some more funny moments with the boys. 
    Saturday was a killer day it was Elder William's bday and he turned 20 todavía es un joven hahah but the Faz had a surprise bday party for him that night so we had to stall for a little bit haha. I got a call from my recent convert Luis Antonio and he was like I want to see you! So we were able to meet up he also told me his wife is going to be coming back the week before Christmas and she says she wants to get baptized so I'm super pumped! Hah Then did some contacting and after that went to the surprise party and we had a bomb time but I've realized I'm not to much of a fan of cake anymore :p hahah 
     SundayI got to see so many of my favorite members from the Brazos ward, it was amazing and it feels so bomb when members come up to you and like hug you and are just like you came back!! Ah nothing ever better then that hahah it makes you kind of realize the impact you can have on people. :) 
Well thanks so much for checking in! Hope you guys have a bomb week! 
Lover Elder Tidwell 
Saying goodbye to the Galeanos family!

Later to Sister P...I'll see you soon though!

Turkey Bowl!!

Me and Sobotka!

Good ol' Luis!!

Selfie with the Birthday boy!

Sunday with the floral ties!!

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