Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 86 - Busy week!!

Heeeeeey guys!!
What's up? Well this weeks been crazy busy lots of finding and lots of
member interactions!
Highlights of the week...Tuesday we had transfers! So sadly a few
awesome and bomb missionaries went home which is always sad :/ but we
had the great opportunity to have some new missionaries put into the
district! One of them is Elder Phister, we came in together but I've
never served around him before so I was pretty pumped! We also have
Hermana Rivas, whom I've heard a lot about my whole mission and that
she's just a blast! Everyone else has stayed the same hahah. We also
had English class and I'll have to get a picture with him but this new
guy came in his name is Adil Brahim he is from the Middle East!! So
cool but he doesn't speak English at all and so I had to google
translate everything into Arabic, let's just say... I've learned a few words!
Wednesday, we went over to Marvins house and helped him paint, I need
to get the pictures from the sisters of it, but that was bomb! Then
we had a couple lessons and got to see Tita our investigator.
Thursday lots of weekly planning and that was about it. On Friday
we had district meeting with the new peeps. Really quickly just so
everyone remembers, Elder Blackford and I are on bikes it takes like 10
minutes to bike there, so we find every opportunity to not have to do
that :p hah so the H10 elders say they can pick us up and we're like
sick! Heck yes! When we got  in there, there was this chocolate cake but not
like any chocolate cake it's a Costco cake and in my head I'm like
this is too good to be true... Well it was, it had expired 5 days earlier so
I was like no way are you ganna give this to the district! But yet
they did anyways hahah. District meeting was super bomb this week it
was all about the Book of Mormon and the best part I thought of was
the end where everyone had an opportunity to share there experience
when they saw the power of the Book of Mormon in there life and the
change it can bring to people's lives, man was that powerful to hear
all those testimonies. For those of you who have read it, I want you to
ponder this same question, if you can't think of any get reading
you'll find it soon I promise you that. I had investigator start crying
in the introduction to the book, so it could happen soon ;) And for
those of you who haven't read it, give it a try and pick up a Book of Mormon.
What's the worst thing that could happen?
Saturday we got to see the Mejía chicas!! For the first time in
forever we finally got to see them and that was a big thing we talked
about, their Book of Mormon reading and they said they were going to start reading it that day. 
I called them that night and they had already read to chapter 5!
Sunday we had church and we met this great guy Erick, he was sitting
with this girl Suien, she's Marvins sister and we had seen Erick a few
times at church and stuff so we thought he was a member. We were in
class and the sisters said they needed us, so we went out and found
them, and Erick was like I wanna know more about your church.
Whaaaaaat!?! So we taught him and he's a super chill and great guy so
we're ganna keep workin with him and see where it goes! We then ate
dinner with the Biares who are a super awesome family.
Well those are the highlights of the week hahah! Thanks!! If you have any
questions hit me up! Love y'all
Love Elder Tidwell

Hermano Rodriguez!

At Bdubs with my crew!!

All of us are leaving the same day!!!

Lilly :)


Attacking Robbie...hahahaha

Sweet shot of the moon behind us...

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