Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 74 - 111 degrees and a new found respect for leadership!!

Well I had an awesome exchange this week, I mean I was on bike which kind of sucked but it wasn't too bad and then I got to go to the temple with an old investigator that got baptized!! Pretty great experience for me :) This week’s kind of just been getting back into the swing of things with Elder Schloer which has been great! We also got 2 new trainees in my district they’re super awesome sisters and they have such a great fire with them! The best meal I had this week was a member bought us tortas which were suuuuper good hah :) or there was a member who took us to a Chinese place that was good too. Worst thing that happened this week…I still can't Play Pokemon go... In the English ward the Elder Quorum president is at level 22 and does it all day long hahah so jealous! This week was great… we have been working with this guy Fabian for over a month now and he's so solid and so prepared but he had a little problem with work and couldn't get Sundays off. He had been trying super hard to get a new job but nothing was happening. We got a call shortly after I had prayed super hard that morning where I asked that something would happen for Fabian to be able to come to church. The call was about an hour later and it was him saying he quit his morning job and said," I'm coming to church". That grew my testimony of prayer so much! It's insane, and because of it we were able to give him a baptismal date for August! :) This week has all been pretty great and being district leader has helped me to have a new found respect for leadership. It's really hard sometimes hahah but I'm so glad to be leading over my district, they’re such an awesome group and they really inspire me to be the best that I can be. I'm so thankful for my family and for all my friends that have always been there for me, I would be totally lost without them all. Thanks so much for checking in, love y'all lots!

Love Elder Tidwell

The hottest day so far this summer....


Me and Elder Hanks, just like the Katy days.
My zone!! 

McD's mighty kids meal ;)

English class!

At the temple

Week 73 - Comp changes...Sinus infection...and A shout out ot my parents!

Hey guys!! 

Well this week’s been a doozy! We were able to meet tons of people this week and also transfers are on their way! I found out I'm staying for another transfer in H10 and I'm going be with Elder Schloer for another transfer! I'm super excited for this transfer I can feel that a lot is going to happen! Well a recap of the week… Tuesday we had family history and then had some lists we needed to finish calling from a member of our ward, we also had dinner with one of our members, the Williams, they are such a cool family! We had spaghetti at their house for dinner. That night we had English class and it was on calling 911 which was great to act out! I was really happy about that ;) hah Then we played soccer with all the people from our English class but we had to go back and get the rest of our clothes to play in and when we came back they all left so we said we would plan a lot better next time. Wednesday morning, we went to this field and played soccer with our sisters at like 6:30 which was fun hah! Then we had the food bank and then saw Leroy and had lunch of course! We saw the Surios that night and got to know them a little better. Thursday we did studies and then that night had dinner at the Moody's. So… during the past couple of weeks I've been having a ton of like sinus issues and I finally called the nurse about it and she said (along with my mother) that I might have a sinus infection. Well the nurse told me to go to a clinic and get it checked and turns out I have one haha…so I got some medicine for it. But it has wrecked me a little bit every day, :p especially on Friday during district meeting, I kind of hit a wall and man it was tough hahah. But then at our district meeting we got some official news about Elder Galante, that he was going to go home. Saturday was a Normal day and Elder Galante packed his stuff up and Sunday we had another 10 hours of church, then we finished packing and got calls. I just wanted to thank my parents really fast, they loved me so much that they wanted my mission to be my decision. They told me of the benefits and blessings that come from it but ultimately it was my choice, It was my choice to come out not my friends, not family, not members… but my choice. If it wasn't for my parents allowing me to do that, I probably wouldn't have had the desire to do it.

Thanks so much for checking in love ya lots!
Love Elder Tidwell 

Breakfast on Pday...


A member caught this in his house while we had stopped by...haha 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 72 - What's this Pokemon Go I keep hearing about???


Hey Y'all!

Man, I still can't believe I say that…it's disgusting Hahahah. Last week was pretty good! Got settled some more in our apartment and had some great lessons this week! I heard over the mission vine that a new game has come out and that it's taking the world by storm hahah!! Pokemon Go… I'm so jealous everyone is playing it around here! Like one of our investigators got it the night before it came out and showed us what's it's all about and everything I was like what??!! On Tuesday last week, we had family history and a lesson with the Quinlans which was great! Always love going to their home! Wednesday, we had lunch with Leroy, while there, he asked us if the next day we could come over and mow his lawn, we also said goodbye to Celerino. He's going to Mexico for 5 months so we had to drop him :/ But then we had English class that night and had a bunch of people we needed to go visit. Thursday, we went to go do service for Leroy but when we got there it was like already done! I was like um, what the heck? But then there were some spots I could definitely fix hahah, then we had weekly planning so…yeah. Friday we had district meeting and then got to go and see Fabian, that's when he told us about Pokemon Go. We then had sports night with everyone which was a blast! We played soccer and one of the guys from English class showed up and while we were playing I tried to pass the ball and it hit him in the face!! I felt pretty bad about that one.... Hahah! Saturday we had thrift shop and then taught Fabian again, we also are planning an MTC for the youth in our ward so we spent a lot of the time doing that. Well, sorry this week’s a little short, I promise I'll write more next week! Love ya lots!
~Elder Tidwell

Elder Galante trying to teach me how to play guitar...

Go carts on Pday!!

I came in 2nd!!
After go carts!

This picture was from a couple of weeks ago...

Locked out :(
These were from a few weeks ago.....

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 71 - Happy 4th all...a new address...and a lot of walking!


Wow, what a week!!!

There are Quite a few things I learned this week but it was all really fun and a blast! Well Except for 4th, I am a little disappointed, I expected a lot more fireworks from Texas ;p hahah Tuesday, we had family history training which is always fun! At that point we were super shot on miles for the month like probably by 300 or something like that (remember the miles). Then later that night we had a lesson with the Quinlans which is great, I love going over to their house! Their other son is about to head out on his mission and he's going to Salem, Oregon!! I was like, “you lucky duck!” Hah after that we had English class. Wednesday now, was totally different, we did service at the food bank which was great! They got a crap ton of chicken nuggets this time and they were dinosaur ones so I was like um I need some of these, so they gave us like 5 packages, I was like heck yes! But then we realized it was too good to be true and they expired like a month ago. we still took them but we were like ugh we can't eat these :p hahah then we dropped our stuff back off at the church and then because we were so over on miles we walked to Leroy’s. It was a solid 20-25 min walk and then he took us to our next appointment with celerino which went okay. Then we walked from there to Whataburger, which was like another 20 min and waited for a member to come by to buy us dinner, then we went from there to walking 38 min to the church to have English class hahah.  Thursday, we met up with the westgreen elders and the bearcreek elders and went to buffalo for some lunch. After that we did some weekly planning with them which was a ton of fun hahah :) then we had dinner at this family the blomquists and had breakfast for dinner, a typical American meal…I loved it!!!! hahah. Friday, we had zone meeting and one of the things we did which I thought was super cool was, we felt like there was some weird awkwardness in the zone and we wanted to get rid of it. So we all wrote down things on a piece of paper and then they dug a hole in the back of the church and we buried the old zone to break out the new one! Saturday, we moved apartments we’re still like in the same area but our address is different. now it's, 10010 kempwood dr apartment 222 Houston, tx 77080. that took up most of our Saturday and then Sunday another 8 hours of church and then we got invited to a BBQ with all the bug guys which was fun! (The bug guys are here doing summer sales) it was nice to kind of hang out with people my age for a little. But that's pretty much it! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!

Love y'all!
~Elder Tidwell

Oh and look this up: church ESL class changes lives (It has to do with our English class we teach!)

My Zone

Everything that bothered us or that made things feel awkward, we litterally wrote them down, dug a hole and buried them!
I have become the selfie king!!
Just doing some reading...

A new couch!!

I guess these are the different things I say when I come out of the bathroom haha.

Elder Roberts!

Family History!!

Suamy came to visit me!

Week 70 - A lot going on...and a familiar face from home!!

Well, here is my update on the week!

So, last week was definitely an improvement from the previous one hahah. Had a few exchanges and got to visit quite a few awesome people! Monday, we went to this temple (I sent the pics last Monday so they should be on last week’s update) and then just kind of hung out as a district and I went on exchanges with elder Curtis! Tuesday, we had English class, we only have two more classes left…we have it this Tuesday and Thursday and that's it. It's weird cause I've been teaching these ladies forever! Then we had family history training which is always fun! After that we went to visit some less active families like the D's and then went contacting for a little bit and then at the end of the night exchanged back and then headed home it was really awesome to see elder Curtis again!! took us back to old times. Wednesday, we taught Leroy and had pizza with him. we are moving apartments so after that we had to figure all that crap out and now we're just waiting for them to call us and say "it's time". then we had a lesson with this family the Quinlans, their son had just come back from his mission and he wanted to teach his dad who isn't a member of the church, so they invited us over. To top the night off we had English class with the sisters and then correlation. Thursday, we had English class again and then did our weekly planning…fun, fun, fun! Friday was district meeting and I really think I'm starting to get a lot better at it!  Then we had another exchange with the bear creek elders and me and elder wells had some really awesome conversations and really got to know each other! Saturday, we met with this less active s, who's is from Honduras he's been here in the states for about 5 months I think, and he's such an awesome guy! hah he's really wanting to serve a mission so we're really trying to help him understand what it is and what he's going to be doing. Then we helped the sands clean the chapel and exchanged back at the end of cleaning. After that we had some appointments and they all went great! Sunday was long hahah! But I saw a bunch of people come to church! Two of our investigators showed up and had some less actives come as well! :) and then that night we had a mission president’s fireside and that went great! got to see a few familiar faces ;) it was awesome! :)

Until next week,

Love elder Tidwell

Me and Elder Curtis!!

My comp and I...

Familiar face from home :)
He is addicted to these bars!! It's a little out of control haha

My District!