Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 32 - Out for 8 months this week!

Hey guys!!

This week has been pretty awesome to say the least!! We had zone meeting on Friday with my favorite zone I've had! Hah! I got a call on Thursday from a number I didn't know and it was Elder Jorquera, my last comp, in his new area and asked if I could pick him and his trainee up for zone meeting! I totally forgot he was even in my zone still! So we got to their apartments (which by the way are ridiculously nice… like wow!) and picked them up and bobbed over to the meeting. On our way there we talked all about how our areas are and how we’re each doing personally and as a companionship. When we got to zone meeting we were greeted by our awesome zone leaders and the other elders in our district. We all waited for the other elders and for the first time in the area we have sisters! Well first to get there was one of my favorite elders, Elder Parkinson, the guy is so funny it's crazy and his faith is so strong. In the zone meeting we learned a lot about goal setting and how it's so amazing to set goals but we also should set them as things we can actually reach. There's a constant trend in the mission field to set a goal that has some big number that will wow the crowds. And although it might do that at first, the person soon comes to realize where they’re at and that their goal is almost unreachable. They struggle and stress out to meet the goal all to come up short in the end. The point of a goal is not to make us feel inadequate, down or even disappointed but to make us feel joyful, pleased and grateful for the opportunity. We set goals that are something that we know we can do but that is still challenging. It’s also something that we learned at the final sessions of General Conference the past weekend.

I'm so thankful for the O’hara family and the opportunity to spend time with them and their family for General Conference. We had these killer blueberry pancakes with bacon and eggs for breakfast and oh my gosh… so good! This conference session made me really grateful for the mothers and leaders in my life. The talk by, Elder Jeffery R. Holland, that was given about mothers had a profound effect on me. It was said that once a mother has her first child, she then realizes her life truly isn’t just her own anymore. I'm so thankful for my mom and the wonderful and beautiful spirit she has. How at any moment that I need or needed her she was right there to comfort me and help me through it. I love her with all my heart and wouldn't want anyone else to be my mom. Along with that I've learned a lot of things that I needed from this conference if you haven't watched it yet I suggest you do.

Thank you so much for checking in guys! Have a great week!!
~Elder Tidwell

Just being awesome...

My Zone! Best ever!!
At the O'hara's!!

A place called Fazolies! So good!!

Why, yes I did find myself an ugly Christmas sweater at the Goodwill!
Zone pics

We had a full car!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 31 - A new companion!

Hey y'all!

First official week with my new companion and it's been crazy good to see him again. This is the same Elder P that was my companion in the MTC. This week has been pretty good! It's been an interesting transition from companions in an area like this, but it's all good!

So we got this referral from our mission president for this boy that recently moved into our area. We tried visiting him a ton but we weren't even able to catch him. Well we finally got him and his story is amazing, he came here by himself from Mexico and is living here with his aunt and has been looking for the church for a pretty long time. It felt so amazing to finally find him and help him come to church. While we were there with him we got to go to all of his classes and we went over the topic of patience and let's face it we all need it hahah. Something I came across again, was when you ask for patience it's not given to you; you're given opportunities to gain patience. I know our Heavenly Father knows what he wants us to become and at times things may seem really hard or that it might seem like it's too unbearable, but it is just for a small time and it will make us into who he wants to be. We read these few verses in Doctrine and Covenants section 121 verses 7-9… I'll let y'all read that one ;) hahah it really told me once again that it all has a purpose. Sorry this email has been super short; hopefully this week will be a lot more fun filled! Hah, thanks for checking in guys! If you have any questions let me know!

Elder Tidwell

On our way to meet our new companions...

Me and Elder P...

Lunch at the taco truck and we got to make it ourselves!!