Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 83 - Special Zone Meeting and Obispo...To Fast To Furious!

Heeeey, well I'm so sorry I was so busy last week!! 
But I'm here to fill you in on my week! Well to start off two weeks ago was aight, nothing to big happened. Okay, on Wednesday, we had a few lessons planned and I also got done doing exchanges with Elder Norton (I'll get to that later). Then after our lessons we had planned to go to a fireside with the YSA ward that was at a member's house in our ward, and then they give us a call like saying hey it's cancelled and were like crap, what we ganna do now? Then we walk down to ask bishop if there's anything he would like us to do and he was like I have one more interview but they haven't showed up yet, have y'all eaten? We said no not yet he was like let me give this person one more call and if they don't answer I'll take you out and we were like okay, sure but in our heads were like yes!!! As we were on our way there he asked us a bunch of questions about us and then we asked him stuff about him and he used to race cars... as in like, Fast and Furious stats!!...So cool! Used to race on the streets and stuff, I guess he had some sick cars!! So there's that part of my email haha Tuesday I had gone on exchanges with elder Norton and Hunt, that was interesting hahah we went to a few appointments and got to see Illiana which is our investigator who will be getting a bap date soon!! And then had English class :) Thursday we had this stupid exchange thing like seriously hahah, it was definitely a memory in the books hah :) Friday we had a special zone meeting and Elder Echo Hawk of the 70 was there, he's so cool and has some crazy stories! He is a convert to the church actually, which was also something cool. He talked a ton about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it! It really stood out to me, the fact that it is the key of our religion seriously so cool! It made me have new thoughts on how to teach this to our inv, I also got to see a ton of my favorite missionaries. That night we had sports night, that was a blast! Saturday, because of that meeting we had to change it to Saturday, and then Elder Blackford also had a huge baptism to go to in Oakcrest and the member picked us up like halfway through district meeting so I had to pass it off to Elder Schloer. We went with the member down there and then found out the lady who was getting baptized was a member's wife who himself a few months earlier wasn't to strong in the church and a huge change came into their lives. He was able to baptize her and also his son and when I saw it, I was like this is the reason why were help families be together forever! It was all and all a great week! Time is sure flying away and I'm trying to enjoy every moment I can.

Thanks for checking in! Love Elder Tidwell

Me with Elder Echo Hawk and his wife...

Carlos and his family!

I ran into Sister Brineholt...Sister Pinster trained her!

Elder Norton and the other ZL...

Us and Oscar Reyes, he is about to go on his mission to El Salvador!

Elder Yansum...He is going home this transfer!!

Tacos with Hermano Casco...he picked us up for a baptism we went to!!

Hermana Alcantara :)

Makin breakfast...

Leaches are so good!!

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