Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 93 - Another day in the life of Elder Tidwell...CSE Clique!

What up y'all?! Well this week was pretty chill nothing too big happened. We went on a exchange with Elder Toolson in Huntsville which was fun except when I got there I found out they don't have a car anymore :p hahah! I was like I thought I was done with bikes, but pretty funny what happens next. Elder Toolson is like "Hey we got to get going to the church" and we were just kind of like okay, but then he asked "Where are your bikes?" And in my head I'm like come on Toolson how in the world would we fit a bike in our car....but I just answered nicely and said sorry dude, didn't think about it. So we started to run to the church and like half way there Elder Self is like, could we take a quick break the room is really spinning and we said yeah of course and then Elder Self was like "I think I'm ganna throw up" and I'm kind of sitting there like you're not ganna do that and well he did :p But he felt totally fine after and we got there, met this super cool guy named Cory and played ultimate frisbee with was a blast! So we get back and do studies and everything, this all happened at like 8 in the morning by the way hahah and as we were about to leave I hear this buzzing noise and we look at the lamp by the desks and there's this huge freaking wasp!! And the wasps in Texas are different then they are in Oregon (for my home buddy's on the email) these suckers are orange!! Freaking orange and it's like a dark orange too...super weird so we spent what felt like a hour trying to kill it and then it ended up just flying out the door. After all that, we did some contacting and then went to a Chinese buffet for lunch. While there a super less active member walks up to us and is like, "My family and I need to go to church, we just don't know where it's at and I was hoping I'd find some elders somewhere, we've been putting it off for so long but today's the day" I'm in my chair's freaking inspired we came here!! Hahah but I found out a ton of super cool stuff about Elder Toolson, ate a crawfish whole Hahahah and over all a sweet exchange 
   Then later in the week we saw Santa!!!! So excited hahah! We did some intense contacting while we were there, saw a ton of old investigators and stuff, but we also found a lot of really cool people! Speaking of cool people, we found this family while trying to look for some of my old investigators and seriously this family we found is so prepared! Taught them the restoration and the mom was like I know it's true...I know it happened and the dad as he was reading parts of the Book of Mormon was just like, it's legit. The kids are still a work in progress but I bet they'll have seen something cool by the next time I see them. 
    Friday, best zone meeting of my mission by far, it was so good! Just everyone in there is so chill and we don't got any chismosos or basura, so that's good :) Also I formed the CSE Clique by the way, once I left the west south squad I knew I had to do the same to College Station East hahah
    Sunday, we got volunteered to sing for Christmas in the ward, so spent a little bit of time doing that after church and that's pretty much it for the week! Christmas is coming so quick!! It's crazy! Hope y'all have a great week and remember dios le bendiga ;)

Love Elder Tidwell 

What the junk???


I know him!!

Zone Meeting

Mr. Hamburger!

Helping Sister Farnsworth put up Nutcrackers!!

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