Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 64 - A funny b-day party mistake...

So this happened...Just kidding...I am fine ;p

Recap on the week!

Well…Monday we kind of had a lazy p-day. We cleaned, did a bunch of little things, had to go the mission office and then Elder Schloer got that haircut(hahah), emailed and then the day was over! Hah Then we went finding and tried a few less actives. Tuesday we had some exchanges, I went to Bear Creek on a bike again! :p I might have complained a little bit because I was the one that had to keep leaving when it came to exchanges…so we made a deal which I'll tell later hah. Wednesday, we exchanged back and went to Krispy Kreme and got the classic dozen glazed! hah Then we saw Leroy, one of these days I'll get a picture with him and show y'all haha. We then taught English class and ate with this family, the Robertsons, they’re awesome! We pretty much talked about old school video games the whole time hahah. Thursday, we taught English class and then did some weekly planning and had a big notche de jogar but no one showed up because this big storm was coming hahah. Friday, we exchanged and then that's where the deal comes in hah…I got to be with Elder Galante and Elder Marquez in my area. So one of our sisters told us it was her birthday on Friday, so we spread the word to the district and they all said we should have a party… but then she told us it was just like her half year mark and
we were all kind of like..... Um..... Hahah and they decided to have it anyways hahah! It was pretty funny hah. Then we went to this guy’s apartment and that's where we found the rocket (that’s in the video) and so we had to climb it haha. That night we had a Mother’s day party for our Spanish ward we went to and then headed home. Saturday, we exchanged back and then we went contacting for a little then had another party that night with the English ward… it was pretty fun! And Sunday, 7 more hours of church hahah and here we are! Hah

Until Next week!

~Elder Tidwell

Elder Galante doing his thing...

Some vultures down some random alley...

Look what I found!!

Some old cars we came across...Elder M.

Making tortillas with Hermana S....

Elder Schloer studying...

The birthday party that really wasn't...haha

Party animal...
Lunch at Costco!

A family from H10

More rain...not as bad as it was a few weeks ago though...

Week 63 - Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's day selfie with my favorite missionary!

Hey guys!

Well this week has been better than the last one! Right now we're in a $3.99 haircut place and Elder Schloer said he wanted a 2 on the sides and the lady is giving him a .5 Hahahah gosh dang it. Sorry, now to go back to the week! Hah Tuesday was good… we had English class and then had family history, Elder Pesci and Elder Schloer had a meeting with all the leadership in the mission. So…Elder Galante, Elder Child and I were together and visited a few people and then exchanged back a little bit later that day. Wednesday, we cleaned up the house a ton there were so many papers and just a ton of crap everywhere so we kind of had a clean-up day and then went to English class and had correlation. Thursday, we taught English class again! Hah when we got there though, at like 9:30 in the morning, we saw this huge cloud of smoke and found out this warehouse caught on fire and it was filled with hazardous chemicals like, diesel and stuff and it went on for a while it was pretty crazy! Then we went to visit some people and pretty much ended our night. Friday, we had zone meeting and then had this crazy goose chase trying to find some guy and we never found him hahah. So fast forward to Sunday my favorite day this week! I miss my family so much! I'm so thankful for my mom and everything that she does for me and all of our family. I can't wait to see them again! :) Thanks for checking in guys love ya lots!

~Elder Tidwell

A little note from mom...

We loved our Skype call with T!! He really is doing great! His connection wasn't great so he ended up talking to us in the bathroom because it was a stronger signal in there! haha That is why it looks like there is a shower curtain behind him in the picture!! The call did freeze up a lot and we spent a good portion of the call repeating questions and whatnot...still a great call though!! It was fun to meet his companions as well! 9 months to go!! 
Family pic!

A family from Jersey Village....

Three amigos!

Elder Galante, Elder Child, and myself!!

The big fire!

My Zone!

Me and Elder Pecsi on our exchange!

My Goodwill find!

Week 62 - New Area...New Comps!!...Food Poisoning!

Hey guys!

Well… new area and new comps! This week’s been kind of tough but a really good one! I’m in this area now, called Houston 10 and I'm in a trio with Elder Schloer and Elder Galante. None of us have been in this area so we are white washing hahah. It's definitely been a big change for me because all you do when you are in our situation is you just contact. Which if you don't already know… isn't my most favorite thing in the world ;) But we've met a ton of cool people from it! We've eaten at a house pretty much every day this week! :) The only problem is…we got food poisoning from one of the houses we ate at. :p That was kind of lame and took us out for a few days!! Hahah Of course we got better after a while! :) On Saturday, we did a little exchange which was awesome! I got to go play soccer with Suamy and a bunch of people showed up it was great! :) Then Sunday we had 10 hours at church it was crazy! This is because we cover 2 wards, an English and a Spanish Hah! Then we went to the family, Machados for dinner and it was so awesome to eat white people food! I'm so excited for this week and the chance I get to talk to my family on Mother’s day! I'm so excited and time has gone by so quick I can't believe it! I'll send more next week! Love y'all!

~Elder Tidwell

On our way to get Elder Schloer...

Me and Suamy!
Playing soccer while on splits...

Hno Ramirez, his daughter Karla, her husband Hno Salgado and
their son Abram

Me with my new comps!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 61 - Flooding...#does this count as swimming?

Well here we are again!

This week’s been great! Lots of service! Monday, we had a crazy storm come through and our parking lot was super full of water! We went over and walked around to help a ton of people out. We got told to just stay in that day, so we hung out with the English elders and emailed and just went around helping hah. Tuesday, we had a crazy exchange and went to help with some golf course service and then went to this one street closer to downtown and went knocking on people's doors just asking if they needed anything. Wednesday, we did the same thing and Thursday and Friday Hahahah and well Saturday Hahahah.  We would go to other areas and ask people if they needed help, then we got a call from someone asking for help and it was a super sweet lady who had her own little like bird pond in her backyard! I also got to meet this super cool guy named Reed, he reminds me a ton of myself before I came out on my mission. While out and about we found 9 Cubans this week and are teaching them in English class! They’re so awesome! We got to see a ton of families from our wards and eat with them and oh my gosh…we got some of the best chicken from this one family hahah. That's pretty much my week in a nutshell…lots of service! hah Thanks for checking in!

Love ya!
~Elder Tidwell

A word from mom...
Tristin shared in an email with me, that he loved helping the people in the community. He said that it felt so good to be able to lend a hand! he also said that it was heartbreaking seeing how much so many people lost. Many homes had 2 - 10 feet of water in them. He said quite a few people didn't have flood insurance and lost everything. He said that witnessing something like that firsthand was surreal.  

Braving the flood waters with the English elders in their big van...

Emailing at the our families know we are safe!!

Service at the golf course...

The Temple...

The work crew ;)

Just taking a break on a park bench....