Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 85 - Happy Birthday video for Jillian...Staying put in Bear Creek!! :)

What up guys!!
Well first group email sent out, never thought I'd do one of these but here I am hahah. Thought, I would do this so that my missionary peeps can keep up with me...since they might not be able to access my blog. Well, this week's been pretty interesting to say the least hahah.

To start it off from the beginning...It was bomb, we went go carting for pday and this guy got second close but whatever hah. Then we had a family history class at this library but no one showed up this week :/ next time hah! So...things didn't start getting too interesting until Thursday when we got a call from the English elders asking if we could help out in their Family history class.  We get there and this old lady waves me down and was like, "look at you handsome Young man all dressed up nice for me" I just started to laugh Hahahah! And then she asked for some help to find something, we found a line that goes back like 6 generations so that was pretty cool! We had that planned then had English class... It's super cool, there's this lady Zulma, her brother Henree and her daughter who we're working with there, and we got to show them around the church and what everything is and why we do what we do and stuff, it was bomb they really liked it! 

So then Friday, we had zone meeting and Elder Schloer is going to be going home or we would say...going to die, on Tuesday, so we had a funeral for him. Hence the selfie with the "dead body" hahah but it was a blast and I learned a lot about unity and how unified our zone is and how amazing it's been to see it have grown so much! Made me and Blackford think of, "Remember the Titans", the whole time hah. We had some bomb lessons after that, we got to see one of our super bomb investigators, Jessica, she's doing so great and so far loves the Book of Mormon! She came to church this past Sunday too!

Saturday we got to eat with one of my favorite families in the ward, the Flórez hahah. They're such a funny family and would fit perfectly in with mine. We had pasta, and I so need to take a video of this, but I remember like one of the first times we went over there, the kids told us the mom hates we always come in walking like crabs and she always freaks out! Haha funny stuff.  It's always a good laugh when we're there and we eat a ton!! Then we went over to the Zavalas, another one of my favorite families and they had bought us new shoes!! The ones we were wearing looked aight, I mean Blackfords had duck tape around them hahah. Then we played some Mexican games like there's a game with a top and then another one that's kind of like bingo but not haha. 

Sunday, we had two investigators come to church!!! YES! Bienvenido (yes that is his name) and Jessica came! Bienvenido has been coming for weeks and already likes it. Jessica on the other hand it was her first time and she really liked it too she brought her baby with her and it was quiet the whole time!! Hah  Also got transfer calls and were both staying another transfer!! Heck yeah hahah so more stories from Bear Creek to come! 

The Biares!

Hno Hood! 

Goodbye Elder Schloer! You will be missed!

Weekly planning...

The Florez family!!

Hno Florez :)

Hangin at the Goodwill...

The Hood clan...

Guy named AJ we met at Walmart...His dad bought this car for him when he was in the 5th grade!!

The Biares Family!

Good Ol Obispo

My zone!!

Someone stole my iPad to take some selfies...

More stolen iPad selfies...

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