Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 89 & 90 - 12 weeks to go!!

A note from mom...

These past two Mondays, Elder Tidwell has not had enough time to do a group email to update you all...but he has shared quite a few pictures!! He is doing great and is down to his last 12 weeks!! His release date is, February 15th!! Thank you all so much for checking in on him!! 💕

Love seeing license plates from home!!

Laser tag on a pday!!

Fun times!!

At the Mena's!!
Yes...these are out!! One of my favs!

Temple trip!!

Fuddruckers with the Florez!!

So good!!

Just hangin at Bobas...

Hermano Valerio!!

Blast from the past!!! Vargas(was my brother), Murdoc(was an AP), and Barlow(also was an AP) came back for a visit.
Me with Sergio

We had a Spanish fireside...that's why we are all together!

Elder Murdoc...

Us Pacific Northwesterners!!

And...us with the other Elder Tidwell. haha

Elder Fitt!


Hermano Barrera! I always hear so much about him but have never gotten to serve in his area!!

Julio!!...Man I miss his family!! And Alex in the back haha!

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