Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 91 - The Frozen Tundra...

Okay, well first off, I know I haven't written one of these in a couple
weeks! bad, I don't really have a good excuse. Well, as some of
y'all already know, transfer calls happened last night and I got the
news that I was out of Bearcreek. I was really bummed to hear that, not
just because this next transfer covers Thanksgiving, my birthday,
Christmas and New Years, but I got really close to the members in the
Bearcreek ward. I'd probably say more then any other ward I've been in, and that 
is saying a lot because I have gotten close with a few members and families along 

the way so it's gonna be a little hard, I can't wait to come back and visit them all!

This week got a little chilly for Houston, hence the title hahah...So we had
to break out the sweaters and beanies! I mean, I say that, but it wasn't
that cold actually, but if you ask any native from here they were
freezing!!! Also, on Tuesday, we had zone conference and they had brought up
that it was going be chilly hah! The conference was interesting, the
thing we talked about was The Commandments, but how president Mortensen
did it was very interesting because we didn't even really talk about
them, we really talked about why we have them. It was really, really
cool and opened my eyes a lot on the why.

Later on during the week after district meeting, we went on exchanges
with Elder Phister and Guzman. Well me and Elder Phister taught a bomb
lesson with the Juarez family, the first thing we talked about though, was they
already had all of their Christmas decorations up and everything! I just
got so excited, I was like if you ever need help putting more lights up
just let us know hahah! Then we started talking about family traditions
and stuff we do. After that lesson we went to see Erick and Suien
which is always a blast, but first thing they did was plug in Suiens
phone and start jamming out to Ms. Jackson by Outkast and on the inside
I was jammin! Hahah Also, later that day while we were walking in some
store parking lot someone was blasting, Bow Down by Ice Cube and I
started rapping to it and Elder Phister was like, you listen to this
music? Hahah...I was like man where's Blackford when you need him?!

Okay then on, Saturday, we played soccer with the ward! Took us 2
transfers to get it going but man it was a blast! Me and Elder Blackford
got the balls kicked in our faces and bloody noses and all but we're all good
hahah. I'm sad to leave it after we just got it goin! Shout out to
Mark, Marvin, Edger Chewy, Adrian, Kevin, Yojan, Damian oh and
Pacquiao for balling out with us! We also had our ward Thanksgiving
dinner which was so crazy awesome! Ate tons of food and then a DJ
showed up and we danced...not like white people dancing but
like Hispanic party dancig... idk you have to be there to understand. But crazy
awesome night and a bunch of our investigators went to it. Then on Sunday,
I went and gave a talk to a bunch of 11 year olds about the priesthood.
In the talk I was like "when I was 11, I had no idea what the
priesthood was" and everyone agreed with the kids I was teaching hahah.
But it went good, I compared it to a super power and what would Jesus
do and I hope it sticks with them Hahahah.
Well that's it for the week! Thanks for checking in!

~Elder Tidwell

The Juarez house!!

Bienvenidos nativity set!

My man Bienvenido himslef!!

The soccer crew (top to bottom)...Pacquiao, Marvin, Edgar, Me, Kevin, Blackford,
Mark, Yojan, Damian, Chewy and Danny.

Yessica and Carlos!

One of my favs...The Lucas family!!

Hermano Baranachea!

The Rodriguez family, they are so awesome!

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