Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 87 - Trunk or Treat!!

What up y'all?!?
So, recap on the week! 

We got to see our investigator Erick a ton!! First we gave him a church
tour and then went and told him the stories about all the pictures and
like what's going on and then he asked a question that lead us
perfectly into the plan of salvation! When we hit the spirit
world he went crazy! Like we explained that there's a paradise and a
prison and he was like so a heaven and a hell and I told him well
that's what it's like and a lot of people believe it is but that's not
it! We also explained that everyone gets an opportunity to accept the
Gospel, and it's in the spirit world where it happens. Then we went into
resurrection and judgement and then the three kingdoms of glory and he
was like it all makes sense! He's like I don't wanna chill in prison I
wanna go to the good place... to paradise and then go to the sun hahah! We
asked what do you gotta do to get there? He's like it's obvious... gotta
get right with God and get baptized! So we're working on that
right now hahah. We also saw another one of our investigators T, she was telling 

us a dream she had and that she had seen Jesus and she was like describing
him and said I had hair just like Jesus except his was longer but just
like mine so I chucked at that one for a little bit.

We also met this super cool girl named M yesterday at these
apartments... Well how it first happened was she was chillin at a bench
and then whistled and told us to come over. As we walk over I'm just
like...... crap...... hahah but she was super cool she's an inactive
member but she said she's just trying to figure things out so we're
going to help her out. Some crazy stuffs been going on in her life
right now so we were glad she talked to us.

Had our trunk or treat a couple days ago!! hahaha That was a blast! I went as a
Ninja Turtle and Elder Blackford was a cholo hahah1 We got to talk to
a ton of members there and a ton of LA's and non members! So we had some
good times and got to know a lot of people! When we had the actual trunk or
treat part the Hoods daughter Hanna brought a friend to the activity
and it just so happens that the sisters had no candy for there car so
they handed out Book of Mormons and now we're going to be teaching her
friend sometime this week! The blessings are just flowing our way!
Pretty chill week thanks for checking in!

Actual sidewalks!! We haven't experienced to many of these here!!

Our District!!


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