Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 50 - A full week...and mattresses!

This week was pretty good! On Monday, we had an activity with our district again and played some mean beach volleyball and had lunch haha. Tuesday Elder Curtis and the other leaders had a meeting they had to go to so I went with Elder Childs for exchanges, we had an English class at like 10 a.m. to go to and that was a blast! Hah we had a ton of people come too and as you might assume I did make them all laugh hah. We also met up with the Galianos to eat at Panda which was good, still not as good as his wife's cooking though hahah. On Wednesday not much happened until later in the day when we visited our investigator Manuel and had a bomb lesson! Friday we went to zone meeting and wow it was probably one of my favorite ones like ever! One thing we talked about was positive affirmations hahah Like telling yourself things are great or things are going to be good and you really start to believe it's going to be! I've used that a lot on my mission not going to lie hahah. Another thing we talked about was just putting a smile on your face, not worrying about anything and just be happy about it… another thing I've just learned how to do out here. We also talked a lot about faith and well like faith in finding. I realized if I wouldn't have had faith to find someone I don't know if we ever would have found Marco and Mayte in College Station. It's all so key to being a missionary and it's absolutely key to the work! After zone meeting we went to Jimmie Johns with a few sisters and talked for a little while, It was nice haha. Then we played soccer with Suamy and a few of these guys came to play with their kids and we ended up playing with all of them… it was fun! :) Then we had a few lessons planned after that and went over to this family who's investigating the church, the Rivas, they bought us papusas which were seriously so good! We really got to know the family a lot more. Saturday we helped someone move up to their third story apartment but it kind of sucked because we got there and the lady was like, "They’re coming with the truck… they'll be here in about an hour. I'm going to go to the store, be right back" and had us wait in her apartment until she got back. Then when the truck finally came it was filled with temperpedic mattresses!! That kinda sucked to carry all 7 mattress and then the box springs for them all up 3 flights of stairs:p hahah And…they didn't even help at all which was kind of a bummer… but whatever, it was an opportunity for service! Then on Sunday we were going to have a ton of lessons but because of the Super Bowl, every one of them cancelled. And… well that's pretty much how my week went!

Thanks for checking in!
Love Elder Tidwell

Elder Bonzo and myself!

Elder Curtis and I ....

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