Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 54 - Exchanges and Transfer time!

Well this week’s been good! Hahah After something like the baptism story things are kind of chill hahaha. Monday we hung out with our sisters and played some really fun games and then did all of our pday things haha. Tuesday we had English class and I met the English Elder version of me hahah. Then later that day we had a bunch of lessons and stuff but ended up dropping some people again kind of sucked1 :/ Then Wednesday kind of the same thing happened. Thursday we contacted all day long and then had English class that night. Friday we had zone meeting! The last time I'll see Hermana Larson and then it's just me and Banzo from the original district hah. It was really good… we talked a lot about baptism and its importance. Then we went on exchanges, I went with Elder Pesci in Bear Creek. Let me tell you… I was not to excited for it! :p Their apartment is cockroach infested! :p hahah Pretty gross I guess there not as big as I thought they would be but still super gross!! :p I slept for like 30 mins that whole night. I thought they were crawling on me all night long… kind of freaked me out :p Then Saturday we exchanged back and had some lessons going on and then played soccer. Sunday was Sunday and we got our transfer calls Elder Curtis is out and I'm staying. It's kind of bitter sweet …I hate saying goodbye after I've gotten so close with some of my comps, so it's just a little hard. That's pretty much how my week went! 

Thanks for checking in! Until next time! :)
~Elder Tidwell

Last pday with Elder Curtis!

For three...

Saw  this while on my exchange!

The last of us from left from our district...

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