Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 53 - Crazy baptism story complete with an unexpected plunge into the water!

Hey y'all!
Well this week was a lot better than the last one! Monday was a pretty normal pday, we played basketball and cleaned and all that good stuff then had some lessons with some of our investigators and then had a lesson with this less active lady Hermana M, which went really, really good! :) We shared this video called… The Will of God, which is probably my favorite video from the church. Tuesday we went to family history training! Our mission president told us we could go to the temple and do work for our families sometime this month. We met there with a bunch of other missionaries and then had exchanges afterwards. I finally got to go with Elder Banzo! Or well he came with me to my area in Jersey Village. It was a lot of fun but every appointment we had fell through :p hah. Wednesday was kind of just a regular day. Thursday we ate two dinners…we had the first dinner then and hour later we ate again :p! Then we were going to teach English class but no one came! Friday we had district meeting which was awesome! Every time we have something like that I learn so much from Elder Curtis. Then we had English class with all the Vietnamese people hahaha, they make me laugh they are so awesome haha! :) We had some lessons after that and then did some contacting for the rest of the night.

Saturday will be a day I will remember forever! The sisters had a baptism with this lady we started teaching first (p.s. Should be our baptism hahaha) and well it started a half an hour late and in the middle of the opening prayer we all hear this "shloughhh" and are all like crap... So I decide to go back to the font and the plug had gotten sucked down the drain. So I was like I got to fix this!! I rolled up my suit pants and take my shoes off and stuff and then I jumped in. Well the water was a little higher than I thought and the rolled up part of my pants got wet, but regardless I reached down and pulled the plug out and set it in there again. While I was trying to dry my suit pants off and shirt I heard that noise again so I took my pants off this time and dove in to put a new plug in, while this is happening the 1st counselor is giving a talk and then Hermana Parslow comes in and is like, "It's time to sing are you done?" I'm like nope! I'm soaking wet and I told Elder Curtis just to go on and do a solo (we were supposed to sing a duet) it sounded quite good from inside of the bathroom hahah. As I was changing they come in and are like we need you to be one of the witnesses and they can't start without you so I go out in my soaking suit pants and my wet shirt and well the baptism was awesome to say the least haha! I left some puddles everywhere I went haha! Then at the end we realized we forgot to ask them to take the plug out when they left… everyone asked me to just jump back in and I was just not having it hahah! So Elder Curtis was chosen next and he told me to close the curtain and lock the two doors and he jumped in naked...... Never in my life did I think I'd have to do this on my mission hahaha. Sunday was good, we went contacting all day long. 

Well that's my week! Until next week...
~Elder Tidwell

My planner after I plunged into the baptismal font.

Eggs I made...complete with my ketchup in a smiley face...Just like mom  used to do!


Nacho libre corn!

My exchange with Elder Bonzo!

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