Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 49 - Such a busy but great week!


Well guys, this week has been pretty awesome! Starting with Monday, we played basketball with the English elders and wow am I out of shape! Hahah Then we went and met up with our sisters and had I guess… a picnic at a park. Then we played soccer or well kicked the ball around while they just did a bunch of cartwheels hahah.

We taught a bunch of lessons this week and did a lot of finding again haha. On Friday, we played soccer with Suamy and a bunch of these kids that were just there at the fields, which was fun! I've started to love playing soccer hahah. Saturday, we met up with the other two missions in Houston and heard President Nelson talk! It was crazy! They had us go up and shake his hand and everything which, by the way, the guy has the softest hands ever hahah. We learned a lot of stuff in that meeting including a ton about the temple and family history and that our Heavenly Father loves us so much. I also got to see some familiar faces!! ;) Hah And… even a new elder, who happens to have the same last name as me! Haha After that, we went to this place called the Pulga, which is like a giant storage flea market. Pretty much if you can think it… they probably have it there haha! :) We found this place that had a bunch of soccer jerseys well we found like 4 places that had them, hahah but the ones we got were the cheapest! Heck yes! 

Sunday, we had stake conference and well we got there at like 8:15 a.m. or something like that and the conference didn't start till 10... And we still had to sit in the hard chairs! :p hahah But besides that it was an awesome conference! At this one point we all had to get up and sing, La Luz de la Verdad, and it really was an experience I won't ever forget. We finished of our Sunday with a visit to one of our member’s house that we've been teaching. We talked about a few thing and then they brought up a concern about not seeing any changes in their lives yet… I told them that you won't just see the changes in one day, it happens little by little and although sometimes we don't see it in ourselves other people can. That's pretty much it! Thanks for checking in you guys!

Love ya lots!
Elder Tidwell

The new Elder Tidwell!

Just a little hello selfie for my family!

I love it so much...I had to go bigger! haha

A familiar face from home!

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