Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 44 - My 20th Birthday and Christmas!! Lots of Skype pics too!

Our packages! (well a few of these are empty boxes we have had for awhile haha)

What's up guys??!

Well this week’s been awesome!! We had a Christmas conference and then Christmas plus New Year’s is right around the corner! This week Elder Curtis and I tried really hard to get some new investigators from finding but we pretty much came out empty handed but… we've definitely planted some seeds which in my eyes is just as good! We had a less active member let us come over and teach the family he lives with and we saw something amazing in him during the lessons so we can't wait to go back and follow up!

It's FREAKING COLD HERE! I love it!! Like seriously way better than that 80-degree hotness we had on Christmas! :p But if there was that rain game going on right now it would ice up like crazy!! It kind of reminds me of home and stuff so it's really good :) It was so amazing being able to talk to my family on Christmas they've all grown so much it's crazy to me! I miss them so much and they mean everything to me. I can't wait to see them when I get home :) I got some awesome gifts from them and from others too so thank you so much to those who thought of me! It REALLY meant a lot! It's crazy this month’s come and gone! I'll hit a year in no time!! We went caroling this past week and it was so awesome to see some of these people’s faces when we'd just show up! And we sang them in Spanish! Oh and my birthday was on Wednesday and we had a Christmas conference with the whole mission! It was a ton of fun! I saw a ton of my favorite missionaries and just had a good time. We went to this lady's house and I had an experience I won't ever forget it was pretty great hahah!. Then we met up with our recent convert Suamy and went to this winter wonderland light thing they have here… it was okay hahah. That's pretty much how my weeks gone.

 Love y’all lots! Merry Christmas and happy New Years!
~Elder Tidwell

Some Birthday love...

Thanks to everyone for the cards and stuff!

The Winter lights display!!

Elder Curtis and I.

Yes...we are in dinosaur eggs!

Us with Suamy.

My little tree with my presents around it that my family sent!!

A familiar face from home!
Just catching up with Sis. Soto and Sis. Pinster

Elder P!
No a handshake had to do.
One last pic with Sis. Pinster!

My Christmas eve pj's from my parents!!
Gingerbread houses!

My terribly old mattress....

Words From Mom...

I just wanted to say a quick little something about what a wonderful time we had Skyping Tristin on Christmas! Definitely our highlight for the day! He looks and sounds great! We had a lot of laughs and got to hear all about how he is doing. I thought I would include some pictures from our Skype...We had a short little Skype in the morning but since he had a district meeting we scheduled our time with him for in the evening. They didn't have anywhere to go for dinner on Christmas so ended up eating at Jack in the Box but he didn't seem to mind. He looked very happy. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a very happy New Year, filled with lots of love and laughter!
Our quick family photo from our Christmas morning Skype!

He opened a couple of the presents we sent!

Portland sunglasses ;)

Me (mom) getting to say hi one on one during our Skype in the evening!!

Jenna chatting with T

Jillian taking her turn to say hi!

Jace giggling away with his big brother!

Kaleb talking with T, filling him in on his current video games he is playing.

Kylie...trying to stay strong and not cry...

But it was just to much...she was able to calm herself down enough to talk with him though! :)

Dad getting a few minutes to talk face to face.

Us with our boy! Until Mother's Day....let the countdown begin!!!

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