Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 41 - Food Poisoning!

The Temple at Christmas time...

Hey guys!!

This week was fun! To start the week off we got food poisoning! Yaaaaaay! Hahah! That was the worst sickness I've ever had. All because of a piece of sausage :p We were out until Thursday for that one! Then that morning we had a zone conference which is when our zone of missionaries meets up with 2 or 3 more zones and our mission president teaches us a little bit on different subjects and we usually really get deep about them or maybe talk about changes that have gone on. While I was there we learned a ton about how we're supposed to help out with the ward which was really awesome to know! I was able to see a ton of missionaries I know and got to catch up on what was going on what's happened since I last saw them! I also got to meet a lot of sister missionaries who knew me but I didn't really know them all too well. Then they said that they heard about me from a certain red headed sister missionary, and well...then it all made sense ;). Later that day we met with our ward mission leader and made so plans for things and then after we were asked if we wanted to go out to eat and as a missionary you never turn down that opportunity! The only bad thing is, we were in the first day of recovery from the sickness so we had to pass just because we were afraid it would all come right back up. We shot the ball around with him for a little bit and then headed out on our way.

On Friday we had district meeting and it was awesome to see the other elders and sisters in our group. We talked a lot about the new video the church came out with and how we can really improve how we share it with people outside of the church.

Saturday I went on exchanges with our district leaders and that was a blast hah! I went to Oak Crest with Elder Child who is a trainee. We had an awesome day and after there were some sisters in our area who needed some help with there bike rack on there car. We went to help them out and it was seriously so much fun hah! One of the sisters was so funny and the other one just seemed like that awesome chill companion hah. So funny story when I was telling a story from back home to them, sister K said "Wait you live in Oregon right?" and I said yes but then I like paused and looked at her and was like "How do you know?" And then it came out that she too knew a certain sister that knew me hah! But it was an awesome exchange and then we went to a dinner appointment and saw some lady give a bird some lemonade and rice hahah! First time I had seen that... it was super funny! I also got told I look Colombian by this lady's mom which I don't know if I believe that hahah.

That's pretty much how my week went! Until next week...
~Elder Tidwell

I gave myself a haircut...

Teaching English classes...This one happens to be on 911 and emergencies.

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