Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 38 - Help, I split my pants!

Me and my comp Elder Thorne
Hey guys!

This week was pretty great! From splitting my pants to hitting myself in the face trying to pull up my sleeve it was pretty great hahahah. Let me start off by telling you about my pants... Well I was waiting to go out for the day and I saw the couch a little far out from the wall so I went to push it back and well split a pretty big hole in my pants :p haha!

Tuesday, I went on exchanges with one of our zone leaders and well let me tell ya the guy likes to walk a lot :p We went tracting all day, which pretty much kind of sucked :p hah When my exchange was over, I came back to some interesting display of my toys. I got an awesome package from my parents which had some Bing Crosby white Christmas! One of my favorite Christmas album/singers! Hahah Wednesday we went to Costco for dinner and had this awesome plan on how we were ganna make the best deal for our money! Yeah didn't work out that way :p but none the less it was still delicious! It's crazy the holidays are coming so fast and how fast my mission has been going! We hung out with one of my favorite families so far the Benitez and played some soccer with them which was awesome! We also helped someone move some stuff out of his storage unit and well that was pretty much it for us this week! Sorry if it was a little lame but next week I'll make sure to have some stories to tell!

Love Elder Tidwell

Some DIY gold teeth...Yeah, I be ballin!

My work area...

My pants I split!

Some nice refreshments!

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