Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 43 - A new area and getting ready for Christmas!!

These wheels are everywhere here!! 

Well guys this week has been great!!

We had transfers and sadly I got taken out of my area but I just got moved down the road to another area that's really close! My comp is Elder Curtis and we've had an awesome week and have gotten so much stuff done in this ward!! I'm really excited to see how this transfer goes! So there's a member here that we hang out a ton with and he goes to lessons and his name is Suamy. He's the one in the picture with me in my ugly sweater haha.

We've had an awesome week and have meet a ton of new people! Our district is really chill and they're a ton of fun! On Thursday we knocked on a ton of doors which usually sucks a bit, I hate knocking. But... we had a butt ton of fun doing it and made like a ton of jokes, it was awesome! We knocked this one door and it was pretty dark outside and when I looked down I saw this figure and was like what the heck is that? Elder Curtis like waved his foot in front of it and it moved! We figured out it was this baby kitten hahah.

On Friday we had district meeting and we actually played a super fun game and learned a ton about the temple and its importance in our investigators lives and in our own lives as well. It's such an amazing place where we truly can come closer to our Heavenly Father and learn more and get answers we need.

I'm so excited for Christmas! It's going to be so great to finally talk and see my family again! I've missed them a lot and I know it's going to be awesome to see them! I hope you all have a great Christmas this year and I hope it's one you all remember! :)

Love you lots! I'll talk to ya next week!
Love Elder Tidwell

A flag of Mary!

Some Christmas decor from the local neighborhood!

Pizza biscuits that I am good! 

A cool bridge we found

The river beside the bridge

Me and my comp

The ward Christmas party

Me and Suamy

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