Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 40 - Happy Thanksgiving

Eating Thanksgiving dinner with the wonderful Noyce Family!

This week was kind of uneventful. I was sick for the first part of the week and then on Wednesday night we got some calls from people that we had scheduled for dinner and they had stuff that came up and had to cancel Thanksgiving which really, really sucked. So Thursday morning comes along and we didn't end up having anywhere to go eat. The turkey bowl game we were going to have got cancelled as well which also sucked. I had so been looking forward to Thanksgiving so was feeling bummed, but then we got a call from the elders in the other ward asking us if we wanted to come over to a family's home they were visiting for Thanksgiving dinner. We had an amazing dinner with them and had an awesome time! We were so grateful for there generosity! After that we had some leftover time at the end of the day and went to Walmart to watch the chaos of the Black Friday sales! Well it didn't go really how I thought it would, it was pretty crazy but I expected like battles to the end hahah. Then Friday we had district meeting and everyone in our district was pretty much sick! They said to bring a blanket and a pillow it'll be a rough one haha. One of the sisters made these little turkey treats which were super awesome and were pretty dang good! Saturday we had a baptism to go to and I saw one of my old was a blast to see him! We caught up on what's been going on and how crazy it is that he's going home so soon!

Sorry that this week was kind of short we have some awesome stuff planned for next week so I'll let you guys know how it goes!! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love Elder Tidwell

My comp and I enjoying Thanksgiving!

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