Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 45 - Happy New Year

Hey guys!!

Happy New Years! On Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and that went pretty good! We got to meet this guy named Joe and the lesson we had with him was so powerful it was so amazing! We went to the zone leader’s bishop’s house and met his family and it was so much fun haha! His family and wife were so funny!  Wednesday we exchanged back and then had a few lessons and all that good stuff! Then Thursday which was New Year’s Eve, we went over to the English elder’s apartment and hung out with them for the night. It was so crazy! All night long they had those really big fireworks going on and then when midnight hit it was like a war zone!! It was so loud but it was just awesome! :) We took a video but I'll have to try and find it hah. Friday we had district meeting and played some fun games and just had a really awesome lesson!! Saturday we played soccer!! We had been playing for a little bit and then Curtis kicked the ball to me and I went to be all cool and like kick it in the air… but when I did that, it spun off my leg and hit me in the face :p! It sucked but was super funny!! Hahah Sunday we went to church and had some super awesome lessons and just had a great day!

I hope you guys had an awesome year and are excited for the one to come!

Love ~ Elder Tidwell

Got myself a new haircut! 

Just a couple of G's...Rockin the sweater vest haha.


Sweater game to strong...

Pday hangout with the Sisters...


BBQ master...haha

Doing my thing

Me and my comp...hanging with the sisters and ready to eat some BBQ!!

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