Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 37 - A new area...It's hard to say goodbye...

Saying goodybe....

 Well, I'm officially moved into Louetta! Haha it was pretty hard leaving Sealy. I grew really close with all of the families down there and it's different not to have them all around anymore. I haven't really been able to meet the ward officially yet since we just had Stake Conference but I've meet a few families and it seems like it's going to be an awesome ward :) My first few days here were pretty rough it was weird getting used to a new city all over again but I've been able to have fun here… it's super nice to have everything so close to us! For example there's a Costco right across the street from our apartment and y'all know how I love my Costco pizza hahah. Me and my companion… I can tell we're going to get along just great because when I first got in the car and looked in the CD player I found a Christmas cd and I was like this is perfect! Hahah Man I can't believe it's already November, time goes by so fast here it's unreal! I hope you all are doing good and that all is well!

Thanks for checking in! Until next time!
Love Elder Tidwell

"Look mom, I found glasses that give me eyebrows that you can actually see!" Haha

My companion makes this every day!

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