Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 68 - Transfers and I am a District Leader now!

my week!

Well, first off, transfers were crazy! It was so weird seeing so many of the people I know leave this transfer…I miss them a ton! Then we’re no longer a trio :/ Elder Schloer left to another area and it's weird not having 3 of us anymore. I'm also a new DL (District Leader) and it's pretty tough! hahah But I know it's all to make me better!! I had a little rough moment today when it all looked pretty grim but Elder Pesci showed me a scripture that really opened my eyes a lot. It's in the book of Ether chapter 12 verse 27. I'll invite y'all to read it ;) hahah I realized his love for us is so great and he has a perfect plan for each one of us.

Anyway, to get into the week…Monday was pretty good! We had dinner at this family's house in Bear Creek which was delicious! Tuesday, we had transfers which took up a pretty big chunk hahah. Then had a lesson with Celerino and ate at the Bulges (we had floutas and I love floutas)! Then we taught English class and went home and slept hah. Wednesday was crazy, we went to Leroy’s where we had lunch and shared the Alma the younger story. Then we had Celerino again and then went to this newer family in the ward’s house for dinner! We shared a video with him and his response really humbled me, he said there was a lot he could do better with living the gospel… here was a guy I thought couldn't get much better and he says he needs to be better. Thursday, we weekly planned and then ate at the Cluff’s house! They’re such an awesome family! Friday we had district meeting and it went pretty good! It's gonna take some getting used to, but everyone said it went pretty good. :) Then we ate at the William’s for dinner and had pizza… heck yes! That night we also went on splits to try and visit some LA members. Saturday, we went to the Pulga which is like this flee market, I got a sweet bag hahah. Then we went to a member’s house to get to know him and played ping pong a little with him hah. We had dinner with the Cribb’s, their son’s about to come home from his mission and there so excited! And then did some contacting but that's pretty much it and it was an awesome week I think!

Love Elder Tidwell

Pics with Bonzo before he goes home...

Gonna miss this guy!

My future car???

Pday soccer!!

A little service...helping paint.

We make it look cool!

Doodle skills...

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At the Cluff's
Us with Celerino

Celrerino and his sister.

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