Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 74 - 111 degrees and a new found respect for leadership!!

Well I had an awesome exchange this week, I mean I was on bike which kind of sucked but it wasn't too bad and then I got to go to the temple with an old investigator that got baptized!! Pretty great experience for me :) This week’s kind of just been getting back into the swing of things with Elder Schloer which has been great! We also got 2 new trainees in my district they’re super awesome sisters and they have such a great fire with them! The best meal I had this week was a member bought us tortas which were suuuuper good hah :) or there was a member who took us to a Chinese place that was good too. Worst thing that happened this week…I still can't Play Pokemon go... In the English ward the Elder Quorum president is at level 22 and does it all day long hahah so jealous! This week was great… we have been working with this guy Fabian for over a month now and he's so solid and so prepared but he had a little problem with work and couldn't get Sundays off. He had been trying super hard to get a new job but nothing was happening. We got a call shortly after I had prayed super hard that morning where I asked that something would happen for Fabian to be able to come to church. The call was about an hour later and it was him saying he quit his morning job and said," I'm coming to church". That grew my testimony of prayer so much! It's insane, and because of it we were able to give him a baptismal date for August! :) This week has all been pretty great and being district leader has helped me to have a new found respect for leadership. It's really hard sometimes hahah but I'm so glad to be leading over my district, they’re such an awesome group and they really inspire me to be the best that I can be. I'm so thankful for my family and for all my friends that have always been there for me, I would be totally lost without them all. Thanks so much for checking in, love y'all lots!

Love Elder Tidwell

The hottest day so far this summer....


Me and Elder Hanks, just like the Katy days.
My zone!! 

McD's mighty kids meal ;)

English class!

At the temple

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