Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 71 - Happy 4th all...a new address...and a lot of walking!


Wow, what a week!!!

There are Quite a few things I learned this week but it was all really fun and a blast! Well Except for 4th, I am a little disappointed, I expected a lot more fireworks from Texas ;p hahah Tuesday, we had family history training which is always fun! At that point we were super shot on miles for the month like probably by 300 or something like that (remember the miles). Then later that night we had a lesson with the Quinlans which is great, I love going over to their house! Their other son is about to head out on his mission and he's going to Salem, Oregon!! I was like, “you lucky duck!” Hah after that we had English class. Wednesday now, was totally different, we did service at the food bank which was great! They got a crap ton of chicken nuggets this time and they were dinosaur ones so I was like um I need some of these, so they gave us like 5 packages, I was like heck yes! But then we realized it was too good to be true and they expired like a month ago. we still took them but we were like ugh we can't eat these :p hahah then we dropped our stuff back off at the church and then because we were so over on miles we walked to Leroy’s. It was a solid 20-25 min walk and then he took us to our next appointment with celerino which went okay. Then we walked from there to Whataburger, which was like another 20 min and waited for a member to come by to buy us dinner, then we went from there to walking 38 min to the church to have English class hahah.  Thursday, we met up with the westgreen elders and the bearcreek elders and went to buffalo for some lunch. After that we did some weekly planning with them which was a ton of fun hahah :) then we had dinner at this family the blomquists and had breakfast for dinner, a typical American meal…I loved it!!!! hahah. Friday, we had zone meeting and one of the things we did which I thought was super cool was, we felt like there was some weird awkwardness in the zone and we wanted to get rid of it. So we all wrote down things on a piece of paper and then they dug a hole in the back of the church and we buried the old zone to break out the new one! Saturday, we moved apartments we’re still like in the same area but our address is different. now it's, 10010 kempwood dr apartment 222 Houston, tx 77080. that took up most of our Saturday and then Sunday another 8 hours of church and then we got invited to a BBQ with all the bug guys which was fun! (The bug guys are here doing summer sales) it was nice to kind of hang out with people my age for a little. But that's pretty much it! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!

Love y'all!
~Elder Tidwell

Oh and look this up: church ESL class changes lives (It has to do with our English class we teach!)

My Zone

Everything that bothered us or that made things feel awkward, we litterally wrote them down, dug a hole and buried them!
I have become the selfie king!!
Just doing some reading...

A new couch!!

I guess these are the different things I say when I come out of the bathroom haha.

Elder Roberts!

Family History!!

Suamy came to visit me!

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