Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 73 - Comp changes...Sinus infection...and A shout out ot my parents!

Hey guys!! 

Well this week’s been a doozy! We were able to meet tons of people this week and also transfers are on their way! I found out I'm staying for another transfer in H10 and I'm going be with Elder Schloer for another transfer! I'm super excited for this transfer I can feel that a lot is going to happen! Well a recap of the week… Tuesday we had family history and then had some lists we needed to finish calling from a member of our ward, we also had dinner with one of our members, the Williams, they are such a cool family! We had spaghetti at their house for dinner. That night we had English class and it was on calling 911 which was great to act out! I was really happy about that ;) hah Then we played soccer with all the people from our English class but we had to go back and get the rest of our clothes to play in and when we came back they all left so we said we would plan a lot better next time. Wednesday morning, we went to this field and played soccer with our sisters at like 6:30 which was fun hah! Then we had the food bank and then saw Leroy and had lunch of course! We saw the Surios that night and got to know them a little better. Thursday we did studies and then that night had dinner at the Moody's. So… during the past couple of weeks I've been having a ton of like sinus issues and I finally called the nurse about it and she said (along with my mother) that I might have a sinus infection. Well the nurse told me to go to a clinic and get it checked and turns out I have one haha…so I got some medicine for it. But it has wrecked me a little bit every day, :p especially on Friday during district meeting, I kind of hit a wall and man it was tough hahah. But then at our district meeting we got some official news about Elder Galante, that he was going to go home. Saturday was a Normal day and Elder Galante packed his stuff up and Sunday we had another 10 hours of church, then we finished packing and got calls. I just wanted to thank my parents really fast, they loved me so much that they wanted my mission to be my decision. They told me of the benefits and blessings that come from it but ultimately it was my choice, It was my choice to come out not my friends, not family, not members… but my choice. If it wasn't for my parents allowing me to do that, I probably wouldn't have had the desire to do it.

Thanks so much for checking in love ya lots!
Love Elder Tidwell 

Breakfast on Pday...


A member caught this in his house while we had stopped by...haha 

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