Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 72 - What's this Pokemon Go I keep hearing about???


Hey Y'all!

Man, I still can't believe I say that…it's disgusting Hahahah. Last week was pretty good! Got settled some more in our apartment and had some great lessons this week! I heard over the mission vine that a new game has come out and that it's taking the world by storm hahah!! Pokemon Go… I'm so jealous everyone is playing it around here! Like one of our investigators got it the night before it came out and showed us what's it's all about and everything I was like what??!! On Tuesday last week, we had family history and a lesson with the Quinlans which was great! Always love going to their home! Wednesday, we had lunch with Leroy, while there, he asked us if the next day we could come over and mow his lawn, we also said goodbye to Celerino. He's going to Mexico for 5 months so we had to drop him :/ But then we had English class that night and had a bunch of people we needed to go visit. Thursday, we went to go do service for Leroy but when we got there it was like already done! I was like um, what the heck? But then there were some spots I could definitely fix hahah, then we had weekly planning so…yeah. Friday we had district meeting and then got to go and see Fabian, that's when he told us about Pokemon Go. We then had sports night with everyone which was a blast! We played soccer and one of the guys from English class showed up and while we were playing I tried to pass the ball and it hit him in the face!! I felt pretty bad about that one.... Hahah! Saturday we had thrift shop and then taught Fabian again, we also are planning an MTC for the youth in our ward so we spent a lot of the time doing that. Well, sorry this week’s a little short, I promise I'll write more next week! Love ya lots!
~Elder Tidwell 

Elder Galante trying to teach me how to play guitar...

Go carts on Pday!!

I came in 2nd!!
After go carts!

This picture was from a couple of weeks ago...

Locked out :(
These were from a few weeks ago.....

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