Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 36 - Halloween...Zone Conference...and a Fun Exchange!


Well this week was great! We weren’t able to do Halloween…Super lame. Y'all know I love to get me some free candy! Hahah! But…we did get to celebrate a little… This week we had our trunk or treat with the ward and thanks to a family that helped us out with some sweet costumes we showed up ready to roll! Hahah! If you can't tell from the pic Elder Pigott is a native and I'm the tourist to the island. We were able to meet a lot of members and less actives as well! The day after the trunk or treat, we tried to visit one of the members that didn't show up just to see like, "hey what's up everything okay?" And then when we got there he said that he couldn't go to church because he was grounded. It took me a moment to take that all in; it made me realize how important church was to this member. It makes me think on how important church is to me and how I should treat it I guess more of a privilege to go.

Friday was filled with stuff! In the morning we had a zone meeting which was a blast like always! Then after that me and Elder Bullinger went on a companion exchange this past weekend and well it was a blast! We were able to meet some awesome people but we also had a really good time filled with a trip to Walmart for some dranks and some awesome Bing Crosby Christmas classics hahah! And to top it all off we played some pretty sweet board games! Then that night we played volleyball like every Friday and that was fun too. So when we got back home we did our usual get ready for bed things and me and Elder Bullinger were talking when all of a sudden I heard something say…"say a command", I like kind of freaked out and was like what the crap was that?? And Elder B gets up and says, "Oh that's my alarm clock… it talks!" I just said, pretty much that's like the coolest thing ever hahah. Saturday we exchanged back and then we went out with Deroy! We stopped by Chic-fil-a, which seriously was soooo good! And then did some mall contacting and then had to be in by 6 because of Halloween. :/ But that's pretty much how my week has gone guys! If you got any questions let me know!

~Love Elder Tidwell

So good!

Board games!!

Zone Conference!

Our costumes for the ward Trunk or Treat!!

A little pumpkin carving for some Halloween fun!

The finished project!

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