Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 34 - Costco and Cars!!


This week has been crazy to say the least!! To start off, on Tuesday we met up with two other elders in our zone and went to Costco to eat at the food court for lunch. While we were there, this lady looked at two of the elders as they were eating their hot dogs and said, "SAM’s club dogs are better." We all kind of laughed a little not knowing who she was and then she asked one of the elders if he had a brother. He said yes and said the names of them but it wasn't who she thought it was. Long story short… we found out she's a less active member of the church from one of the wards in another stake from where we are serving. We asked her a few questions like why she wasn't going to church or if there was anything we could do for her and she said no but as she was leaving one of the other elders asked what her name was and her last name was Tidwell! And I like showed my tag and was like… this Tidwell?? Hahah! Super funny. We also had this lady that worked at Costco come up and tell us a quick story about how her brother found and baptized an investigator that they met at Costco hahah, so totally testified to me that I need to go to Costco more hahah!! Well and that the
lord has a time and a place for everything. :)

On Wednesday we met up with another set of elders and went mall contacting! I've never done it before but it was super fun!! We met a lot of people and got to look at a ton of the new stuff that was coming out! Thursday we had a little activity with the youth! They were cutting down a couple trees at a member’s house and needed help hauling the wood and all that stuff so that was awesome even though we got a phone call from a member who wasn't doing so good and insisted on us coming to visit her to keep her company ;) On Saturday we went to the mall again…we had no dinner that night and were super super hungry! As we were walking this lady and her husband walked in front of us and said they were from a ward in the stake and they had a daughter on a mission and all that good stuff and then asked if we had eaten yet. We said no and then they took us to the food court and got all of us something and then just left without us knowing! It was such a blessing I wish I could have thanked them! Then here we are on Sunday! We had a dinner with two families tonight and it was crazy trying to get to another member’s house whose power got shut off about 15 min before we got there! But we had a good time getting to know the two families!:) Thanks for checking in guys love ya’ll lots!

~Elder Tidwell

We visited a shop that one of the members works out. These cars were crazy!

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This guy works at this awesome shop!

This is Steven Tyler's car! It's like the fastest car in the world.

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