Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 33

Hey guys!

Well…This week was kind of just uneventful to be honest hahah. We spent our last pday playing basketball with some of the elders in our zone which was a blast let me tell ya! We had a few times this week to really get to know some of our less active families in the ward and the crazy thing is, they just needed a good visit from someone that showed them that they actually care about them. It seems like something so simple doesn't it? But it's something that people can read off of you, you could put on a fake smile or laugh a little bit but these people can actually feel when you care or if you don't. Also this week we were going to one of our member’s taco truck in Katy and on our way there we noticed the ward mission leader’s car for Elder Jorquera and his comp driving behind us. Upon looking closer I noticed 2 white shirts in the car too! So it was pretty safe to assume they were going to the taco truck too!  That was pretty fun hahah. Then on Sunday to finish it off we went to the O’hara home for dinner and had an awesome time! Hah well sorry if this one was kind of short guys I'll try to make sure the next one has a lot more!
~Elder Tidwell

Got some festive Halloween cereal!!

A little bit of home sent in a package from Mom!

Letters from home!!

Goodies from home!

Taco truck time!

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