Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 23

Well this week I've decided to kind of just take it easy and just relax and I haven't been stressed at all this week it's crazy!! I had two companion exchanges and I learned so much from both of them! My first exchange was with Elder Pesci from Las Vegas, Nevada… man did we have some fun hahah! We checked out some cowboy boots and I'm not going to lie I wanted a pair really bad hahah. We also were able to teach so many people and come in contact with people we had never met before!! We had some pretty awesome conversations before we went out,  but I also learned you know when someone is dozing off when they give you like a 2 minute pause before they respond and then it's usually a "mhm oh definitely" or something along the lines of that hahah. Then when we got back Elder Herrera tried to wrestle me but I was to fast hah! (Really it’s something you had to be there for! hah)

My next exchange was with Elder Gibson our zone leader! He goes home this transfer and had some questions about the outside world hah! I was very willing to fill him in on what's been going on hahah. Along with that he had some questions about dating…which I of course helped him out with! ;) It was great because we also were able to come in contact with so many people! I was able to gain a lot of knowledge from the both of them!

This week has gone by way fast! And next week we will get the transfers call so that's coming up quick! I'll let you guys know what goes on! Love ya and thanks for checking in!

~Elder Tidwell
Me and Elder P...
Just a crazy big Coke bottle.

Me and Elder H, with our future shades on...

We mustache you a question...

Hanging with Elder G...

Just hanging out on Pday!

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