Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 25 - A new area and a surprise guest!

Hey guys!

At this moment I'm chilling on the couch I don't feel so hot but that's okay hah. This week’s been crazy! I'm in this super small town/ area called Sealy, Texas. My companion is pretty chill and we've been having a great time! Saying goodbye to all of the families in College Station was something that was pretty hard but I know I'll stop by and see them again some time. :) The new area is really small but all of the members are super nice and really involved! We had a crazy thunder and lightning storm today (Sunday) which was crazy to drive through but …super-duper cool to see all the Lightning and stuff. We've been” finding” all day pretty much and we've seen so much success from doing that plus I've lost like 10 pounds just from walking all day long. :p We've also been able to find 9 new people that we've been teaching!

So funny story…or not so funny… the elder before me wasn't the most clean guy ever and well on Sunday we had a huge cleaning sesh after church and it was pretty gross let me tell you! We moved our fruit bowl in the back corner on the counter and we found a gecko! We thought it was dead but nope that sucker started moving right quick! But now our apartment is fresh smelling and clean as can be!

On a fun note…We ate with this super awesome family and the daughter’s fiance is now one of our investigators! He looks just like Kevin Hart!! Super funnyJ… told us this story about when he went to Cali and someone thought he was the actual Kevin Hart and yeah just super funny!

We've made a goal that every night we want to hit the bed like dead tired and so I'm just about to hit the hay but thanks for checking in guys love y'all lots!

~Elder Tidwell

These following pictures are with the families I said goodbye to in College Station...

Me and Elder S!

The building we attend church in here in Sealy!
Me and Brother S! Such an awesome family! Don't mind the amazing racks behind us!

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