Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 99 - A busy week and a trip to the dentist!

Howdy howdy!

       So what up?! Well for starters, this week has been pretty bomb overall! Okay, starting from Tuesday, I was on quite the exchange! Elder Williams and Muñoz had some training or council they had to go to, so we were trying to figure out where I could go for it. Well we called around, made some plans and then got told I had to kick it here in College Station with a member. So that raised another issue because most people work during the day. We called around and couldn't find anyone, so then we thought of this guy, Andy, who recently jacked up his leg so he can't work or anything right now. So I just went with him. Then when I was sitting there with him I realized he can't drive or really do anything so we just chilled in his house the whole time! Super chill though, I really got to know him and figure out what had been going on with him and his family. I ended up at his house for a total of like 8 hours and then Elder Sobotka and his comp picked me up but while I was there with Andy, I finally got to have some Fat burger!! So good! After a little bit though, I felt my front tooth and I was like something's missing... I looked and it totally chipped off and so I knew a dentist that was a member. I called him and just asked like could you take a look see like what I should do about it. Well that pretty much sums up Tuesday, got to teach Nancy too, she's crazy let me tell you but we love her Hahahah. Also, when they got back they showed me this picture, it was of the board in the office and guess who was up top...😳

        Wednesday and Thursday were kind of bust days, we had correlation with Tío and then ate some lunch at good ol' Wendy's! And then I got a text from the dentist, he said come on into his office and we'll take a look at it. So we did family history and then went to his office. Crazy, I went in, he looked at it said it's just where it's at it'll happen every once in a while. I asked him a few dentist questions, like schooling and stuff(for those of you who don't know I wanna be a dentist) and he gave me some super cool advice and stuff! After that we went to El Nopalito! And Tío showed us some crazy things to "test our faith" Hahahah. Then Thursday we had weekly planning and then ate at Fazolies! Thursday, ritual you know how it is! Hahah and Friday was just a chill day, had district meeting and then did family history with Sister Farnsworth hence the video hahah. So the bummer of the week, we dropped Andrew, our bap date. He said he just wasn't ready, kind of sucked but it's okay we tried and he's going to keep coming to church and stuff. The rest of the week was just pretty laid back! 

Thanks for checking in! 
Elder Tidwell 

Fat Burger!!

There I am...Time really flies!

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