Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 98 - Week 1 of my very last transfer!

This week has been pretty interesting! Trying to start fresh with a new comp, Elder Munoz still trying to figure home out and then also trying to Sheppard all of the dates... we have to make sure they're all getting dunked. :p hah

Well, on Tuesday we said goodbye to Elder Self which was sad, but he's gonna kill it in his new area! During the time while transfers were going on we were in Huntsville on foot hahah. Elder Toolson showed us this video of a guy they're teaching, in every lesson he sits there and plays his guitar like in the middle of the lesson. I was so pumped to meet him but he canceled... lame sauce but then we decided we were going to get to it and we went to this small Chinese place where the owner lady seriously talked a thousand miles per hour. It's my first language and I couldn't keep up hah! The new elders showed up, Elder Lopp and Elder Munoz and we dipped out and went back College Station! 

So that one old guy from last week I took the picture with in front of the church, told us he wanted to have us over for dinner. We told him of course we want to go. Let me tell you I've never been more convinced of someone being in the mafia then when I was talking to Hermano Contreras Hahahah. Instead of going to his house, he took us to Golden Corral and as we were eating told us his whole life story...such a funny guy! 

On Thursday, a year ago, me and Elder Willy went on exchanges for the first time and so had to get a pic

Played Rosca de Reyes which was interesting Hahahah. It's just like a big loaf of bread but it's in the shape of a circle and then they put sugar and some candy and stuff on it and there's a little plastic baby Jesus in it. If you get the baby you have to make tamales for everyone on the 2nd of February hahah and guess who got it... Elder Munoz hahah I don't know if they're actually gonna make it for us or not but we'll see haha. 

Last but not least I just want to bare my testimony about enduring hahah. We were teaching one of our investigators Andrew, we talked about tithing and just like a lot of us his wife said you know it's really hard to pay it just because there are some things you need it for and I sat there and I completely understood how and what she was feeling. I've learned on my mission the Lord always provides when we make big sacrifices. I told her this example, in Houston it rains a ton right? Like pours down , now imagine you're in a huge field and you have to catch all the rain but all you have is a little sand bucket. The promise of paying tithing is that the blessings of heaven will pour upon you.  You will come to find that you can't afford to NOT pay your tithing and they said they would pay it every time from now on. They still were kind of worried though, but if it was easy everyone would do it. The Lord has said he will provide we just got to have faith in him. Some how well endure and make it through. In the name of Jesus Christ amen

Thanks so much for checking in I know this email was kind of everywhere :p haha
Love y'all!
Elder Tidwell

Bye Elder Self...

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