Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 100 - An Eggsellent Week!

Howdy y'all!

        You know, after watching "Spongebob" for pretty much all of my life, seeing Sandy Cheeks and how southern she is, makes me finally understand why she's got so much Texas pride. Sorry, had to throw that out there! hahah Anyway, my weeks been great!! Starting off with Monday, as we were getting changed back into our pross Elder Muñoz says, "Hey put your finger on the table..." Elder Williams and I were like nope! He was like come on I'm not ganna do anything to hurt you, still we said no. Then he was like watch, and put his finger on the table and smashed a can of soup on top of it..... instantly our jaws dropped. Then we wanted a go at it! So we've totally been using it as trials of trust and faith with members, less actives and investigators. ;) 
Tuesday, we had the Baptist food drive like usual and it was pouring down rain, but nope didn't phase us! Hah Then we had to drive to Huntsville and drop off Elder Munoz and picked up the "Animal" aka Elder Toolson. Later that night, we tried to visit the Florez and it didn't work out.. :/ But they've always had this mask chillin outside of their house, so we picked it up and we decided to take a visit over to good ol Sobotka and Dickerson ;) Seriously one of the funniest moments of my mission hahah!

        Wednesday we dropped Elder Toolson off and in Huntsville they have a super crazy prison there, so I took some pictures by it and then saw some super cool wall art and took some pics by that. Thursday, we weekly planned and then had interviews... 😳 last one before my final interview and let me tell ya, it went awesome! It was probably the best interview I've ever had, in it pretty much he was like, well I'll be having another one of these with ya real soon! hahah Then at the end of the interview I said the closing prayer and we both got up and he just had the biggest smile on his face, like of of those ones where you can't just not smile. Also this week, we've been having a constant egg war with the sisters at the Baptist food bank. They gave us 16 dozen eggs!! So crazy! We'd try to place them everywhere around the sisters...there are some pics of the war but we finished it! Then we tried to go visit this one guy, found out he's a less active member but when we stopped by he had a Budweiser horse! It was huge!! So crazy!! Then Saturday we went contacting and found this super drunk Hispanic guy who was hiccuping while we were talking to him, you know, like you see in cartoons and stuff. I never thought people actually did that hahah. While we were contacting, I saw this car filled with homies in it waiting for another guy to come out, all the windows were rolled down and stuff so I just walked up and when I was about to say something the guys in the back freaked out and it caused the guy in the front to freak out too it was so freaking funny. Like they thought they were about to die or something Hahahah. Well that's pretty much the week! 
That's for checking in! 

Love Elder Tidwell 

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