Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 95 - Merry Christmas!!

What up y'all?!?
Well, just a quick recap on the week... don't have much time hahah. Tuesday, we said goodbye to one of the members in our ward, Valerie Faz. It was super bitter sweet for their family, but I was glad we were there to help her parents feel better. Although, right as we got there, we heard on the intercom that her flight got cancelled... we were like oooooh snap hahah! So they find out they have to drive to Austin for the next flight she can take. Then we parted ways and went off to do service and then after service went on exchanges with Elder Jones super sick! Had a blast together! Taught Froyland (our baptismal date for Wednesday) and he got roasted by Froyland in Spanish super funny hahah. Also Elder Jones said his first Spanish prayer with google translate by his side hahah super cool though! Wednesday, we had Froyland's bap interview and had to get Elder Munoz to come give it so kicked it with them for a while. That night we had dinner with the Rodriguez family! I love them so much hahah but we went
to the back to see if they were there and heard this like hard braking noise and went back to the front and their son and daughter were in the car and had driven right into the lawn of their yard! hahah Their daughter is learning how to drive and yeah hahah super funny hahah. Their dad came out and was like what did you do to my yard!?! Hahah so, yeah . Then to top it all off when we got home I ran up to open the door and told Elder Self to toss me the keys and well he tossed them too hard and they flew onto the roof.... so called the Rodriguez up again and asked if they had 20ft laters and they did and so Elder Self voyaged his self up there and got them super funny/
scary. Thursday and Friday are kind of dull days but then Saturday we raked leaves for the Bacerras and then had the ward party which was so much fun! We had a piñata but there was no Santa :/ hahah lame Hispanic parties!! (Totally kidding of course) And Sunday had to say goodbye to Luis he's going to be going back to Mexico until February, so I might not see him for a while :/ Also today, Monday, we went to the dentist with Elder Williams, he had to get some cavities filled. ;p hahah The ladies in the office were like, do you speak Spanish? Of course we said yes and so we translated for like 5 people at the dentist office... so cool!! Hahah
Well, that's it for the week!! Love y'all lots, hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!
Love Elder Tidwell
Some sick stickers...

Ward Christmas Party

Doing service...

Hanging at Yogurtland...

Luis and I...

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