Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 94 - Finishing strong!

What up guys!

Well this week hasn't been to big, on Tuesday, we had interviews with da pres and they went super good! He keeps talking about how good my Spanish has gotten, especially since I was last in this area and he's super proud of that! When I first came in, he just hammered me with speaking the language, I never understood why...Until one meeting I had with him way later on in my mission, he asked how's the Spanish ? I told him that I think I'm finally starting to be myself with it, like I can put my personality in it when I'm talking in Spanish. Don't know if that makes any sense hahah. After I had told him that, he just got this big smile on his face and was like this is what I've wanted for you all along Elder Tidwell, you have an amazing personality and are an awesome guy to be around, I just wanted all Hispanics to see that too. And for some you can't do that unless you know jokes in Spanish and all that jazz, bottom line he said I'm doing great and he can't wait for the next interview!
      Wednesday, we saw Froylan and he gave us some bad news, he has a date for the 23rd of December and when we went over he said he has to go to Mexico the 22nd to help his cousin out or something and so we were pretty bummed :/ But...then he said he could do the 21st and we were like heck yeah you can! Hahah So now he's getting baptized in a little more then a week! His wife and daughters are already members so whole fam under that cov now! Hahah we're having to see him every day this week to make it happen so we've seen a lot of him lately and he loves having us over so it's aight. Friday, we had district meeting and it was on repentance and wow, I was really able to hit home on this one. I've gained such a strong testimony about the atonement, like it's amazing the things it can do and not everyone knows that or well truly understands it. It's something I really wish everyone knew, they don't have to hold onto that garbage anymore, do what you got to do and get it over with. We're not on this earth to feel like garbage all the time, so use the thing our Savior sacrificed himself for. 
   It was also Hermana Gracias 9 month mark so we had a little party for that hahah but that's really the highlights of the week! Let me know if you got questions! :) 
Love Elder Tidwell 

I still can do a flip...and in dress pants! haha

Awesome food!

A letter from home!

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