Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 46 - Caught in a rainstorm and a busy week!

Look what was at Chick-fil-a!!

What up?!

Crazy things have gone on this week! On Monday, we had some dumb stuff go down with our gas card… it was just crazy and took an hour and 45 minutes to get gas! Hah! Tuesday, we had a mini exchange and I went with Elder Williams… we seriously had a ton of fun! Hah! We got some donuts for breakfast and then went to this 99 cent store and then went to a goodwill type place, we also taught English class to these two people from Vietnam which was awesome! Wednesday, we went on splits and when me and this kid Jason were contacting it started pouring down rain and usually in Texas it'll stop within like 10 min or something. But nope it didn't go down like that :p!! We ended up waiting underneath this garage like cover area thing while Elder Curtis and this other kid Victor were in a lesson and then it was super cold on top of it all. We ended up just walking to the car and it would start pouring and then fade a little bit and go hard again, so we waited outside in the rain for probably about an hour :p hah! Thursday, we went running for the first time in forever and wow, I'm out of shape :p haha. Friday, we had zone meeting and that went really good! We then went and had exchanges with our zone leaders and that went really well too! Saturday, I got a sort of new mattress hah, it's a lot bigger and firmer than my last one :p hahah. Sunday, we went to church and then had an activity with the Elder’s quorum to visit less active families and invite them to our stake conference. We met some great families and had a great time! :) If you guys have any questions hit me up!

Elder Tidwell
So there was this today at Chick-fil-a!! Takes me right back to my childhood!

I totally saw this today! Oregon plates!

Caught in a rainstorm...

On exchange with Elder Williams...
English class...those are my drawings...I know...they are legit!

Yes...we did go get some jean shorts...rocking the 90's gear!

Treated to a meal!!

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