Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 21 - An offer to go English speaking...

Well this week went by really fast!! I can't believe it's already Monday! At the starting of the week I got to jump on a trampoline and finally got a picture with Nugget! Background about Nugget, when he was born he was just that, a nugget hah! But now he's a monster and he's huge and everyone in the mission knows who Nugget is hah. I don’t know his real name…actually no one does, well besides his parents, haha. Also I had these bomb fish tacos, they seriously are so good!!

The rest of this week was kind of stressful! Elder Christensen and I before he left, set an appointment with our recent converts to go to the temple for baptisms. Well let's just say a lot of prayer was involved in it hah. At the last minute thanks to the 1st counselor we were able to get the 4 most recent converts to the temple and meet up with Elder Christensen and Elder Bonzo which was definitely an awesome experience! I won't ever forget the moment we walked in to the temple and the look on Marco’s and Mayte’s faces when they saw the inside of it and it was all white… it was just so amazing :)
We had the opportunity to have an interview with our president of the mission. While it was going on he asked if I wanted to switch to English. He said he wanted me to be happy and use my talents as best as I could. I kind of just sat there thinking…and I declined the opportunity to do so. I know I was called to this mission, this area, these people and this language for a reason and there are some people that need to hear my story... my testimony. After I said that he proceeded to tell me that I have such a gift and such a potential I just need to let it out.
I know things are going to get hard at times but there's so much more reward in it at the end. Thanks so much for checking in you guys! I hope everyone is having a good week and a you all have a good week to come!

Love Elder Tristin Tidwell

And this is Nugget!

Me and Elder C! So great to see him!

Me with Elder C and Elder B!!

Our little trip to the temple.

Such a great experience!

They were joking around saying this resteraunt is for me...haha. 

Yep it's hot here...

A little service helping someone move...

You can hear these bugs everywhere...this is it's shell.

Yes...that's me with a machete...

Ummm...yeah we were pretty much melting...

Some sweet birthday it wasn't my birthday ;)

Wearing Sister Soto's glasses...

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