Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 20 - Out for 5 months now!!

Hey Y’all!

Well this week has been kind of crazy to say the least! I had a companion exchange that was crazy awesome and realized at our zone conference that we’re the funny district which was awesome to find out hahah.

Something kind of hit me these past few days… I've always known but it's starting to click on the purpose of rules and all things like that. It's just the same as the commandments, they are given to us not to subdue us, but to guide us in the right direction. As I'm sure some of you may have experienced…we all like to try to bend the rules sometimes and think,” oh they’re just trying to hold me down,” but they are there to help us out. There is a quote by President Monson, “These rules have been given to us by a loving Heavenly Father. “ I know that to be true and it's been something that's so hard to accept.

My favorite thing we did this week was either just seeing the zone or when we went over to the Morgan's and had pizza! I haven't had anything weird to eat in a while (knock on wood), well I did try a little bit of tripe... I have to say, it was pretty gross. The one thing I've been really working on is having more patience, it's something I really wish I had more of sometimes hah. Well I think that's about it for now...

Oh the other day we were working out in the morning and this guy comes over and has like this mental breakdown in front of me and is just like "I have no idea how I got here or where my keys are or my phone,” so yeah that was fun hahah! But hey thanks for checking in you guys, I'll talk to ya soon!!

Love Elder Tidwell

This really cool looking building...

A Pday selfie...

We were invited to a 1st Birthday at a new members house.

Some sweet little kitties we found.

So we happened upon this the other day...

Hmmm....Maybe a Medapod???
This juice is seriously the's so good!

A sign at the food bank we volunteer at...Wondering if that's what I would really look like if I fell...
My customized planner!

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