Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 101 - I can build a house!!

Hey guys! 

Well, super awesome to talk to y'all again. I will give ya a little update about what's going on in the old THM! So far this week, crazy news! Tuesday, we had a worldwide training and as I'm sure all of you have heard lots of changes are coming to missionary work! The thing I thought was very interesting, was the reason why they are doing it. It's so missionaries can focus on the things that really matter! It's a huge change for everyone but I don't know if it's been approved by the First Presidency... it's gotta be okay! 👌🏼 hahah. So as for the changes... Now we don't have 9 indicators we only have 4, pday starts at 8 now and the schedule has been kind of changed up, more to be told next week! Other that that, got to see a ton of the old hood rats which is always a ton of fun! Sorry to say besides that, not really much happened this week! On Tuesday, we did the Baptist service and I have a sick Lion king shirt and one of the ladies there, Denice, calls me Mufasa, so that's always an adventure! Then on Wednesday, we took a drive way out to the boondocks to visit a family that wasn't there :p hahah Thursday, weekly planning and then Friday we had district meeting and I got to see our homie, Isaías! Saturday, we got to go help the Gonzalez build a freaking wall to put on their house! I should have gotten pictures of it but I'll throw them up next week for sure! hahah But seriously super cool, I now know how to build a house if I wanted to now :p! Then wonderful Sunday! You know gotta love it! Saw Nancy and man I'm going to miss her so much when I leave, she's like that thug sister I always wanted hahah! She thought about making her own makeup like "ghetto by Nancy" hahah, super funny! Hope lots more things are planned for next week! 
Love y'all! 
Elder Tidwell 

Chuck Norris' Ranch!!!


Man, it's been a ride!

 It's like we are coming in again...haha

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