Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 102 - A trip to see the doctor...

What's up y'all!

So, I hope the super bowl was sick! From what Elder Williams told me, Puxatony Phill, the groundhog, saw his shadow on Groundhogs day Hahahah! So 6 more weeks of winter! Siiiiiick hahah! So where to start off...

I will start with Tuesday...yeah good place, sooooo, went to Huntsville on exchanges with Elder Toolson and Elder Munoz, had a ton of appointments I guess in the morning and they all fell through :p Well we did teach this guy
JM, yup that's all he told us hahah. He was around our age but he seemed like a sick dude, then when we really started to get into the discussion he really didn't care, he just wanted to give us a hard time about the things we believe in... but have no fear, this isn't my first rodeo cuz🏇🏼! If there's one thing I've learned...when people just want to like fight, just walk away from it, arguing literally doesn't solve anything. Yeah address their concerns, but when they just won't take it, it's not worth your time. After JM, went contacting on campus and met these two friends Wanda and Jordan, Wanda was from El Salvador and Jordan was from Mexico, they were super legit and are ganna meet with the missionaries soon! Then we had some meeting and got chased by a huge dog down the street NBD but that's how Tuesday went. Now fast forward to Friday, zone meeting in Huntsville, it was really really good! Learned something really cool about practice and making that practice perfect. To be able to achieve that perfection, the thing you practice it'self needs to be perfect. If you have a sheet of music and it's a perfect song but you don't have all the right notes or they're not in the right order it can't be perfect practice even if you practice it for weeks it just won't work. So I tried to relate this to myself or even on the future if I want to be a perfect son, husband, dad, boss etc you have to make sure you're practicing perfectly to achieve that goal, AKA you gotta be corrected a lot :p There were some helpful things to do, to help us reach it, and I can't wait to use these ideas. Then we went to Mr hamburger as usual, with Elder Lopp and Toolson. Later that night we were playing basketball with the ward and I was going up for a lay-up and plowed through some weak brick wall (Elder Williams) and when I was going up I stepped on his foot and well my ankle rolled and pretty mush busted. I sat out for like 10 min got up and started playing again! But Saturday morning I woke up and I couldn't walk on it :p so went to the doctors...hence the pictures of that. It ended up that it was not a major injury, just twisted it and pulled some ligaments and muscles. It will just take a little time and it will be good as new. Then after, Nancy 🤰🏾was at the hospital so we're we're gonna go see her baby! But the buster didn't end up having it yet :p Sunday, we had church and then dinner with Sister Farnsworth! She's seriously one of the coolest ladies I've ever meet on my mission I'm going to miss her a ton!

That's pretty much how my week went! Hope y'all enjoyed reading about it, I know that the church is true and that Jesus is the Christ. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his beloved son and that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thanks guys! Love ya!
Elder Tidwell

After our zone meeting...

Waiting to see the doctor...

Sister Farnsworth

This is right after we had gotten chased by the huge dog...

Uh and blue lights behind us...

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  1. Dear Elder Tidwell,
    Somehow, through your mom's email on EvergreenGals, I found you! So good to see your pictures and to read that you are hopping the plane to head home. I cannot believe your mission is almost over!
    Last summer we moved to St. George, Utah, so I will not get to be there to see you and hear you talk in church:( That is very disappointing! I still remember when you were in my primary class. I am so grateful you have been able to serve a mission. What a great future you will have as you go home to a loving family, and ready to move on.
    I send my love and blessings,
    Elaine Rasmussen