Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 77 - Fabian's baptism!!

Hey guys!!

Great week!! To start off... Fabian got baptized!! Man, such an awesome experience! I love that guy so much!! Hahah, he's probably one of the most prepared people I've ever met! Crazy thing happened though! So last Monday we went out to eat some fat phillies with Brother Sharp and he asked us about Fabian and stuff. One of the questions he asked was where does he live... And we both sat there and were like um we don't know we've always just met them at the church. So later that day I texted him and asked where he lived and guess what??? He didn't just live out of the area but out of the mission.... So we had already announced it to everyone in both the English and Spanish we were just like well crap.... Hahah so we figured out some stuff then called Fabian up and we found a way! He's planning on moving within the ward boundaries in a few months so we called president up told him the situation but just before that we offered a prayer to help things all work out and no matter what happens for Fabian to still be baptized and he had told us as long as he moves in the boundaries within 5 months he's okay to be baptized in the Spring branch ward! So right there prayer answered! After that everything was set and ready to go and so then the week begins hahah. Tuesday, we had zone conference which was amazing! Learned a ton about the difference between believing and sign seeker which was a super interesting topic I learned so much and just looking back I realized there have definitely been some times when I was a sign seeker. Fast forward to Thursday after weekly planning, I went on exchanges with Elder Curtis which seriously was so much fun, I miss being with him so much! We had some really great times together. We were able to figure out a few things for the zone though that we’re super excited to try out! Friday was district meeting which like always was a blast! Also ,I think sometime this week I got super sick like my stomach was wrecked and the one thing I know that's been known to help an upset stomach is some Sprite and funny enough after a little bit I felt normal again hahah. So baptism was amazing!! Finally after working with Fabian for 2 transfers we finally got to help him to the waters of baptism and seriously I've looked to Fabian as an example, he has been so humble and has accepted every commitment we've given him. He knows that the plan of salvation is true and that Jesus is the Christ. I was truly able to see his testimony after his baptism when he bore it and it was like watching a baby take its first few steps it kind of just takes your breath away and you see the potential they have. Then Sunday night was a great night I had such a struggle that day and was just kind of going through a rough day and I was talking to Elder Schloer in the car telling him what was going on and what was the matter and then I just got out of the car and MIRACLE! We met this family that use to meet with the missionaries about 20 years ago and said they've been waiting for us to come by again! I know there was a reason for it all and it was to find that wonderful family!

Love Elder Tidwell
Crazy sky!!

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