Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 76 - Awesome people and food!!

Hey guys!!

It's been a great week here in Houston…super hot and humid, just how I hate it :p Hahahah. Tuesday this week we were on exchanges for a little bit with Elder Barrues and the Westgreen mini missionary Jeff. We had family history, then exchanged back that night and had English class…the people there are so funny!! They have a really hard time with s words like street they say it like, estreet so it's always a good time trying to help them with it. Wednesday, we had food bank… I think I've gained my southern accent just from being there hahah! Elder Schloer says when I get around southern people I have like this thick southern accent, I just think heck yes! Hahah Then we had Leroy and like always was an adventure hahah! We had pizza and did family history and found him a line that goes back all the way to the 1300’s! I'm like why can't this crap ever happen to me?? Then we taught Fabian with Brother Stalie man it was great and then Brother Stalie kind of went off... Hahahah but it was pretty funny to laugh at after wards. He started telling Fabian all the crazy things that were going to come with baptism yeah... Hahah we then had the Dodds which are a super cool family from Washington! There going to be going back in December… but they were telling me they were going to visit Lincoln city this upcoming week and I was super jealous! We had pizza with them and got to know them a little bit more, they're super cool! And then we had English class again. Thursday morning, we got to help this less active lady move into this retirement home and had to move her hospital bed which weighed a crap ton or so we thought but it wasn't too bad, it was just awkward to hold hahah. Friday we had zone meeting which was great!! Lots of stuff happened and we really just got to know all the new people and yeah it was pretty cool! We had dinner with the Nuñez fam, well we weren't expecting to but there such a cool family! And then we had dinner with the Cribbs and had such a good dinner! Saturday we met with Fabian and had thrift store service which was great! The people there love it when we come by! :) Then Sunday was awesome we had a theme in Elder Quorum about clean thoughts and stuff and they kind were just like it happens to all of you we know it does and were like there's so many ways to help it though and it made me think of a lot of people that are struggling with it. One thing that just stood out to me was just singing a primary hymn in your head can help a ton or even just to try. We also had Fabian’s bap interview which went great!! He's so awesome!

Well that's it for me this week love ya lots!!

This awesome philly cheesesteak sandwhich we had!!

Lunch out with our Elder's Quorum president...

Sick back pack I found...in the garbage...totally fixed the zipper and cleaned it up. It's as good as new!

My thrift shop find....

This nice lady we helped move and her son and granddaughter. 

Family History

Making calls...

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