Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 81 - A couple of funny videos and growth through learning...

Hey guys! 

Once again sending y'all that weekly update on what's been on the haps. This week I had this big meeting with all the other missionaries in leadership positions and our mission president. It was a huge meeting about how we could better do our meetings or how we could be better leadership... it took forever though felt like 10 hours :p but it was super beneficial for me. We listened to a talk about knowledge and one of the parts I really liked about it was that if we knew everything then we wouldn't have to grow and if we didn't have to grow we wouldn't like have experiences and if that's the case why would we be here! She also talked about work and jobs and schooling and all this other stuff and she said something at the very end I'll quote it for ya she goes on to say in her talk  "For those of you lucky ones who are going to be taking jobs, I hope some of you will take jobs that you are not fully qualified for and tell yourselves, “Who wants a job they are qualified for? There would be nothing to learn.”

So yes, let us gain knowledge, but let’s not get too big for our britches. The best leaders are 
restless learners and perpetual rookies. They realize that it is not what you know that counts, it is 
how fast you can learn.
Yes, “the glory of God is intelligence” (D&C 93:36), but it is in seeking, not knowing, that we find 
truth. In that space is where we discover the true glory of God. Thank you.
I agree completely, it's not what you know that makes you stand out but it's how fast you can learn. I've learned so much on my mission and it's taken me a little bit to get it all but I'm still learning day by day. I'm so thankful for all the many things I gain. We had so many awesome and amazing dinners this week we got to have papusas which is one of my favorite Hispanic foods and then got to do a ton of service for a member named Marvin. He's such an awesome guy he really cares about the missionaries and is always there for us if we ever need him! So it felt good to give back to him. As we were contacting this week we found this lady who at first we were just gonna walk by but then I had the feeling we needed to go talk to her and come to find out when she lived in El Salvador she use to go to our church down there! And now we're teaching her and her family, they're a solid good family! :) Don't worry I'll keep you updated on it all! Thanks so much for checking in! Until next time!

Love Elder Tidwell 

Of course I had to get pics with Elder Curtis...

Exchange with Elder Hunt

My Zone...

On Exchange with Elder Guzman

performing some service...


At a taco truck with Jacob...
Got my hair cut... of our English students.

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