Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 78 - Always learning...Happy b-day video for my sister!

Back to good old $3.99 hair salon hahah! It's been a pretty great week! This week I learned a ton about the atonement of Jesus Christ and especially grace. I remember back at home I use to look up at the bishopric as they took the sacrament, they then would just close there eyes and look down. I always wondered why until my mission I didn't understand they did so because of what is says in the sacrament prayer. That we take it, to remember the sacrifice that he made and from that I've really been able to think of the sacrifice he made for me personally. I've gained such a strong testimony about the sacrament and I really don't know if I could go a week without having it. And because of that I've really been able to let the atonement move through me and change me to be that worthy priesthood holder that I am and a future father I'm going to be. Fabian, has also given me so much to think about! He's been such an awesome example of someone who has truly been converted. He's had quite the crazy time... his dog ran away this week and had to break up a fight at work and then today (Monday) got robbed... like at gun point... Someone came up and robbed him. He's okay, the guy just doesn't seem even phased by it! He is such a stud! This week we had some crazy times, we had Spanish leadership council which was so cool! I always love going to these! For those of you who don't know what that is, all the Spanish speaking missionaries in leadership positions in the mission (district leader,sister training leader, zone leader) get together and we talk about things that might be going on in the mission. Like things that need some help or just to solve problems you know typical council type stuff haha. Just a quick shout out... it's my sister Jenna's bday! Happy Birthday Jenna! Man I miss them all so much! From what I've heard I don't think I'll recognize them, they are all growing so much! Also this week my favorite family was going to have us over for dinner, the Lemus, but the husband is a teacher in a school and has been getting ready and don't have the time to make anything so they took us out for dinner hahah! I love that family so much! Sorry this weeks a little short I'll try to make more time next week! Love y'all lots!

~Elder T

The first family I ate with in Louetta!! We had a Stake Conference.

Julio!! Man I miss the him and his family so much!
Exchange with Elder Norton!

My PNW brother Elder Backsteen!

Me and the old Phistdawg...haha

Man we are getting so old!!

My "brother" haha...

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