Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 65 - A great week!!!

Howdy y'all!

Wow, can't believe I just said that hahah. Well, this week’s been pretty great! On Tuesday, we had a zone conference, which for those of you who don’t know, that's where like 3 or 4 zones get together. It was about 50 missionaries maybe even more hah. Our mission president talked a ton about the plan of salvation and we got super in depth about it… like I just want to go into it more, hahah maybe next time. We then dropped the Bear Creek elders off to their apartment and went to Krispy Kreme! And guess who showed up the APs hahah :) After that we taught our bap date Alexis, he's so awesome guys! Can I just have a moment to give him this shout out… even though he won't read it… hahah The guy’s so awesome, he literally like knows it all and is probably making one of the best decisions of his life and just knows it's all true and that its time for him to do it. He's definitely a guy I would consider a friend after my mission. Wednesday, we saw one of Elder Schloer’s old investigators and got to know her a little bit… she's super awesome! We also ate at the Davila’s that night and had these homemade tacos with fajita and Serrano salsa man so good! After that we went to English class and I went out and did some visits with Brother Rose who's our ward mission leader. We stopped by this family the Navas and it made me really happy to see the family I have and how close we all are with each other. After that we went back to English class and guess who was there? Suamy! I was so happy to see him! :) I sat next to him and he said I missed you so I came down to see you… seriously meant so much to me! Thursday, we had English class in the morning but it was huge! They’re going to be putting out an article about it on LDS News and stuff so check it out soon! Hahah but we had this lady taking a ton of pictures and stuff and videos it was super cool! We went back and weekly planned for the rest of the day. Friday, we had district meeting and then visited a ton of LA (Less active) people and then had volleyball that night…Super fun, but nobody showed up until after 9 :p and at that point we had to head home. Saturday, we taught Alexis again and got him ready for his interview. Then we had a new member in our ward who said he wanted to go out with the missionaries, so we called him up and he said he could come out and he also said he had another buddy who wants to too. Well of course we were like okay hah. So we go to call his friend and I see a 971 number, I'm like wait who is this guy?? Elder Schloer said his name is Steven Dewey!!! I was like I got this, hahah, so I got to see him and that was super cool! For those of you who don’t know…I know him and his family from Oregon!! Man what are the odds?!? hahah. Then that night, Elder Schloer had a baptism in H6 so we went and it was pretty awesome we sang, A Child's Prayer, in Spanish of course hah. Here is where the story gets a little crazy…After the baptism, they say, hey we're going to go eat but it's outside of the mission…well we checked with the president and he said it was okay for us to go. Well that was the start of the craziness, hahah! The place closed early for an event, so we decided to go to Chilly’s, I was not to impressed. Let’s just say we didn't leave Chilly’s until 9:50 pm, we like got there at 8, ordered and it took them that long to bring it out. So we boxed it and ran. Then because of stupid Texas freeways we got on a one way for like 10 min and couldn't turn around. I will remember that night my whole mission no joke so funny and awesome! Elder Schloer was tripping out pretty bad…haha, we didn't get home until like 11:30 pm, so we called our president and told him what was going on…so that was all taken care of but man such a crazy night. Then I had a wonderful Sunday! Over all, an awesome week hahah :)

Love Elder Tidwell

Me and Steven!!

At the conference we had

A picture from the bday party from last week...

It's been a long day!

My signature!

The English class we teach!

Study time!

Hermana S and Suamy!!

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