Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 66 - Big stuff happening!

Last District pic

Hey guys miss y'all a ton! I hope your guys are having a great Memorial Day weekend! I am so thankful for all the men and women who have served our country and for all the sacrifices they have made for us, especially the ones that are closest to me, thank you! This week we got fed so much, we had days where we'd have two dinners and then on Saturday we had 4 dinners! 4! Ridiculous! Hahahah, I’ve come to love orange Mexican rice so much and we had this drink a little bit ago called Tamorindo, which I've like had it before, but I'm just officially hooked on it I can't stop drinking it hahah. So Monday night, we were driving home and hit a huge pot hole and bent the rim! So we spent part of the night stopped on the side of the road fixing the tire, putting the spare on and then we had to wait a day for the new rim to come in. Tuesday, after we dropped our car off we had English class and then family history training. Which took up most of the morning. In the afternoon we taught some lessons to Ramses and this other investigator we have, his name is, Celerino. We then had dinner and did some less active runs. Wednesday, President Mortensen came to our comp study and then had a little meeting with each of us after. Then we saw Courtney, ate ice cream with her in her office, talked to her a little bit and got to know what was going on and all. We then saw Leroy, and ate some pizza with him and got to know a little bit more about his story. He also asked each one of us why we came out on our missions which was a question I hadn't gotten asked in a while. I told him at first I didn't want to go on one I thought the mission wasn't something for me, but then I got to a point where I was going down a path I didn't ever want to go down and I took that moment when I looked in the mirror and thought how did I get here? Everything changed from that moment on. It ultimately was a solid prayer to know what I needed to do and a mission was part of my answer. Plus, I wanted to share the knowledge and joy of the gospel I had with others and help bring people to his fold. I also wanted to show people the Oregon stereotypes are true
😜 Hahahah. Thursday, we had weekly planning which we are getting a lot better at hahah. Friday, we had English class graduation! It was so much fun! A bunch of people came to it! There was like 4 classes in total that showed up to it, one of which was ours hah :) Some of the students took a ton of pictures of everyone that I will have to get on Tuesday and send to ya next week hah. We then had sports night and played volleyball. Saturday was the big one, we had a cook out with the Dorsey's at 11 am then at 12:30pm we went to the Penillas and had tortas, then we had thrift shop service and at 5 we had dinner at the Olviados. After that we had the sisters’ baptism and then we ate again and went to a FHE and ate again! :p Then Sunday we had church and Alexis finally got baptized! Goodness gracious so happy that he made that big step :) A lot of the past missionaries who taught him came, it was really awesome :) Well that's pretty much how the week went! Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day!!
A picture that was shared with mom by Courtney from last week when we stopped by...

And this time we stopped by to visit with Courtney, we had ice cream!!

At the Baptism

Eating after the Baptism...

Eating at someones's house...

This was at the English class graduation...

My comps....Really I don't know what's going on here. haha

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