Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 64 - A funny b-day party mistake...

So this happened...Just kidding...I am fine ;p

Recap on the week!

Well…Monday we kind of had a lazy p-day. We cleaned, did a bunch of little things, had to go the mission office and then Elder Schloer got that haircut(hahah), emailed and then the day was over! Hah Then we went finding and tried a few less actives. Tuesday we had some exchanges, I went to Bear Creek on a bike again! :p I might have complained a little bit because I was the one that had to keep leaving when it came to exchanges…so we made a deal which I'll tell later hah. Wednesday, we exchanged back and went to Krispy Kreme and got the classic dozen glazed! hah Then we saw Leroy, one of these days I'll get a picture with him and show y'all haha. We then taught English class and ate with this family, the Robertsons, they’re awesome! We pretty much talked about old school video games the whole time hahah. Thursday, we taught English class and then did some weekly planning and had a big notche de jogar but no one showed up because this big storm was coming hahah. Friday, we exchanged and then that's where the deal comes in hah…I got to be with Elder Galante and Elder Marquez in my area. So one of our sisters told us it was her birthday on Friday, so we spread the word to the district and they all said we should have a party… but then she told us it was just like her half year mark and
we were all kind of like..... Um..... Hahah and they decided to have it anyways hahah! It was pretty funny hah. Then we went to this guy’s apartment and that's where we found the rocket (that’s in the video) and so we had to climb it haha. That night we had a Mother’s day party for our Spanish ward we went to and then headed home. Saturday, we exchanged back and then we went contacting for a little then had another party that night with the English ward… it was pretty fun! And Sunday, 7 more hours of church hahah and here we are! Hah

Until Next week!

~Elder Tidwell



Elder Galante doing his thing...

Some vultures down some random alley...

Look what I found!!

Some old cars we came across...Elder M.

Making tortillas with Hermana S....

Elder Schloer studying...

The birthday party that really wasn't...haha

Party animal...
Lunch at Costco!

A family from H10

More rain...not as bad as it was a few weeks ago though...


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