Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 62 - New Area...New Comps!!...Food Poisoning!

Hey guys!

Well… new area and new comps! This week’s been kind of tough but a really good one! I’m in this area now, called Houston 10 and I'm in a trio with Elder Schloer and Elder Galante. None of us have been in this area so we are white washing hahah. It's definitely been a big change for me because all you do when you are in our situation is you just contact. Which if you don't already know… isn't my most favorite thing in the world ;) But we've met a ton of cool people from it! We've eaten at a house pretty much every day this week! :) The only problem is…we got food poisoning from one of the houses we ate at. :p That was kind of lame and took us out for a few days!! Hahah Of course we got better after a while! :) On Saturday, we did a little exchange which was awesome! I got to go play soccer with Suamy and a bunch of people showed up it was great! :) Then Sunday we had 10 hours at church it was crazy! This is because we cover 2 wards, an English and a Spanish Hah! Then we went to the family, Machados for dinner and it was so awesome to eat white people food! I'm so excited for this week and the chance I get to talk to my family on Mother’s day! I'm so excited and time has gone by so quick I can't believe it! I'll send more next week! Love y'all!

~Elder Tidwell

On our way to get Elder Schloer...

Me and Suamy!
Playing soccer while on splits...

Hno Ramirez, his daughter Karla, her husband Hno Salgado and
their son Abram

Me with my new comps!!

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